Happy Valentine’s Day GREYsessed readers! How are you celebrating? With floggers, silver balls, or handcuffs? Oh My! Personally, I look at it as a “Get out of Jail” card for consuming ridiculous amounts of chocolate. In my house, calories don’t count on any major holiday- so bring on the salted caramel chocolates I say!

In Fifty Shades news, did you all see that Michael DeLuca, Dana Brunetti, and Kelly Marcell recently lunched together in LA? Let’s just hope that it was to finalize the screenplay for the movie! I don’t know about you, but I am getting Fifty Shades of twitchy.I guess in the meantime, we could hope that Ms. James will do another round of book signings with the release of the hard cover books!

So, whatever way you decide to celebrate Valentine’s Day, I hope it’s full of love, laughter, and lust! Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you! Sending virtual hugs your way! As always, Love & Laters©, Michele



I look out at the dreary Seattle sky from my office window. It has been back to the usual work grind and I am starting to feel restless. More restless for my liking. Ana has been feeling tired these last few days and I am doing everything I can to keep her happy. We only have a few months to go before we are officially a family. A family. Holy shit. I feel myself tense up at the thought. Relax Grey. We have to walk before we can run. Flynnisms. I take a few breaths in and out then go to my happy place. Ana. Flashbacks of our last rendezvous  fill my head. It was my effort to put more play in the playroom, as Ana suggested. I think Twitchy the Elf has heightened her sex mad and insatiable self. But I will say that morning has made me look at pancakes a whole new way. I grab my Blackberry and decide to see how my sous chef is doing.

From: Christian Grey

Subject: Aunt Jemima Memories

Date: February 13, 2012 09:27

To: Anastasia Grey

I trust you got to work okay this morning. How is your day going? Work here is …work. I am distracted by thoughts of drizzled syrup on my….pancake. When can you… I mean we have pancakes again?

Christian Grey

CEO, and pancake-deprived, Grey Enterprises Holdings Inc.


I hit send. A chuckle escapes me as I think of her face as she reads the email. I know that it’s something I won’t soon forget. Ana. Pancakes. Warm syrup. I feel myself starting to get hard and hope nobody comes knocking on my door. As I shift in my chair, my Blackberry buzzes. I grin, knowing who it is.

From: Anastasia Grey

Subject: Creme-filled Pancakes

Date: February 13, 2012 09:31

To: Christian Grey

Thank you for the major throbs while I sit here at my desk. Are you remembering how I wrapped the warm pancake around you. Then drizzled the warmed syrup all over. Or perhaps you are thinking how I slowly licked off the syrup with my wet tongue?

Your lip-licking Ana xx



I toss my phone onto the desk and run my hands through my hair. Shit. I am completely hard and stuck at work. I have a meeting about some charity thing in half an hour. Damn it. What I really want to do right now is show up at her office and have my way with her. Perhaps she should know that. I grab my phone and email her back.


From: Christian Grey

Subject: Raincheck

Date: February 13, 2012 09:34

To: Anastasia Grey

Because I cannot reschedule this meeting at 10, I will not be coming to your work to have my way with you. And by have my way with you, I mean placing you on your desk, ripping your panties off, sucking your clit until you come, then turning you around and taking you from behind.

Christian Grey

CEO-who will have you for dinner, Grey Enterprises Holdings Inc.



There you go Mrs. Grey. Two can play at this. But that didn’t help my problem down south. I buzz my secretary and tell her that I don’t want to be bothered unless it’s an absolute emergency. I don’t feel like dealing with some of these idiots today anyways. I decide to try to take my mind off of Ana by attempting to do some work before this meeting. My email account is overflowing. Delete. Delete. Delete. My agitation increases with every piece of junk mail I come across. The buzz of my phone is a welcome sound from this tedious bullshit.

From: Anastasia Grey

Subject: Slippery When Wet

Date: February 13, 2012 09:39

To: Christian Grey

Well Mr. Grey…it’s quite a shame you won’t be visiting me here at work. I guess I cleared my desk for nothing. Oh, and I am wet. Very wet. Have a great meeting.

 In need of new panties Ana xx

ps You know what tomorrow is, right? (hint hint)


Damn it. She’s good. So good I am quickly trying to figure out how to get out of this meeting. And I was hoping she wouldn’t bring up tomorrow. I have a few tricks up my sleeve and was hoping to fully surprise her. But little gets by my Anastasia. Well, she doesn’t need to know what my plans are. Game just went into overtime Mrs. Grey.

From: Christian Grey

Subject: Wednesday

Date: February 13, 2012 09:42

To: Anastasia Grey

Tomorrow? It’s Wednesday, right? Sandwich night if I know the schedule. Do you want pickles on your sandwich? Extra mayo? Let me know….you’ve been fickle lately since you’re pregnant. Oh, and about your desk-you are smart to keep it clear. You never know when you’ll be thrust on top of it. Looking forward to sandwich night;)

Christian Grey

CEO and sandwich King, Grey Enterprises Holdings Inc.


Aargh!” I yell out. Damn this meeting. And damn my sweet, yet sexy wife for all these salacious thoughts. Get your head together Grey. Both heads. Meeting in 15. I glare at my watch. Shit. Too late to cancel now. I pick up my phone to make a call.

Yes, Grey here. Is everything set for tomorrow? No, by 4:30…. Yes, I’ll let you in…Yes…Don’t be late.” I hang up and think about the other details that need to be checked on. Depending on others is not my forte, so I hope nobody screws anything up. I adjust my pants and feel relieved that I am no longer hard like a rock. Just in time for the meeting.


February 14, 2012

The morning is dragging. Just twenty minutes before I head home for the day. I am pretty sure I have completely confused Ana about today. But I’ll take confused over her knowing anything. I have been able to avoid as much conversation as possible, but it is Valentine’s Day. My phone buzzes. Shit, I thought I’d be able to get out of more emails from her. She’s being relentless and I may have to promise her a spanking in return for her silence.

From: Anastasia Grey

Subject: You. Are. Mad.

Date: February 14, 2012 11:42

To: Christian Grey

I am sitting here at my desk completely confused by all your gifts. Which I love by the way. But I am not going to lie and say you don’t have me confused. Let’s see… I get the red lingerie. Very Valentine’s day. But the lantern? Rope? Well, I get the rope;) or at least I think I do. I am lost with the star stickers. And running shoes? I know I have gained weight, but give a girl time to lose the baby weight. So, I am both intrigued and excited to see what you have planned for tonight!

Yours, Ana xx


I smile at her email. It’s just the reaction I wanted. Enough information to peak her interest, but not enough for her to figure out. And just to make sure she doesn’t catch on anymore, I decide not to email her back. I pack up my things and text Taylor to pick me up out front.

I glance down at my watch. It’s 5:20. Ana should be here any minute now and I can feel anxious. Complete control is what I exercise daily, but ever since meeting Ana, my grip on it has been slipping ever so slightly. In a few months I suspect complete loss of control altogether with Blip’s arrival. Dr. Flynn and I have been meeting one extra day a week to help me control my “issues”. Relax Grey. She’ll love this. Shit. She better. The sound of the elevator alarms me and I rush to double-check all the details.

The elevator door opens and out walks Ana. She is holding a bag and I can see the lantern sticking out. Her facial expression right at this moment has made this all worth it. Everything else is just bonus.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Mrs. Grey,” I say as I help her with her bags.

I am…speechless,” she says with sheer delight as she scans the penthouse. “This is so unexpected.” I watch in silence as she walks slowly into the living room, her eyes darting everywhere. “When…how… did you pull this off? This must have taken all day. Wait, is this why you haven’t been replying to all my emails and texts, Mr. Grey?” She shoots me a playful look.

Yes love, I am guilty. I was afraid you’d figure me out. You’re sneaky like that,” I say with a wink.

So…are you going to explain this?” she says as she points to the middle of the room. “And all the peculiar gifts you sent me at work today.”

Do you remember when you asked if we could do as a couple that is meaningful to me? Well, this is one of those things. Camping. I haven’t been in years, but it’s something that I enjoyed doing with Elliot when we were younger. And with Blip coming soon, I thought now would be a great time. But because it’s winter, outside camping is a bit harsh. Especially since you’re pregnant.” I scan her face, trying to decide if she’s thrilled with the idea or thinking I am nuts. “So, I brought the camping inside, or as I like to call it, glamping.”

Glamping?” She gives me a confused look.

Yes, camping glammed up. Glamping. Do you approve? “ My heart is racing. Shit. Why is she taking this long to answer. Fuck, what am I, in third grade right now? I am irritated at my emotions. Maybe I’d feel better if I know a flogging is in order later.

Suddenly, her arms are around me and her eyes are filled with tears. Well , that’s a good sign. I think.

Christian, this is perfect. Why wouldn’t I approve? You sharing any aspect of your life with me is all I’ve ever wanted.” Whew. I breathe a sigh of relief. “Now let’s talk about all these flowers. They are breathtaking and smell incredible.” We both stand silently, taking in the living room that has been transformed to look like a meadow full of flowers.


I walk over to my jacket that’s hanging over the loveseat. I take out a small box and hand it to her. She quickly opens it. She holds up the platinum necklace and I watch the tears fall from her eyes. “I promised to always give you hearts and flowers. So, here are your flowers,” I say as I gesture to the floor. “And here’s my heart.” I watch as she gazes at the platinum shaped heart with A and C engraved on the edge, just like the cufflinks I wore on our wedding day.

I love it, and I love you.” She opens the clasp and puts on the necklace. “It’s perfect.”


Come,” I say as I reach for her hand. “Let’s check out the tent.” We walk towards the middle of the living room where I have erected a huge state of the art tent.

So that explains the lantern,” she says with a smile. “But what about the star stickers? Are we crafting?”

I laugh. “No, we are definitely not crafting.” I unzip the tent. “Go sit inside to find out.” She ducks into the tent and sits down on the mattress I’ve already set up.

This is comfy. Are you joining me Mr. Grey?”

Yes, in a minute. Lie down.” I walk over to the light switch and turn off all the hall and living room lights. Instantly it’s dark throughout the penthouse. I walk back towards the tent. Before getting in, I reach down to the projector nearby and turn the switch to on. The ceiling of the Escala has been turned into an amazing display of star rapture! The room looks like a beautiful night sky with morphing clouds and stars, moving realistically.


Oh my! Christian this is amazing! Get in here!” The little boy in me is giddy with excitement. I rush into the tent and lie down next to Ana. Her face is alive with excitement. I removed the top of the tent so that we could experience the laser show with no interference. Suddenly I feel Ana grab my hand. I turn my head to face her. She’s smiling ear to ear.

I take it that you approve,” I whisper.


Hearts and flowers…and the stars. You. Make. Me. So. Happy,” she whispers slowly and sweetly.

Just wait Ana. There’s more. I lean over and graze her jaw with my teeth. A low moan escapes her lips. I become instantly alert in certain places. I move my lips down to her throat, kissing her gently. My hands reach over to her blouse and I undo each button with precision. Her shirt drops open, revealing her full breasts.

Ah!” she groans out as I tease her erect nipples. Her eyes follow me as I move my lips to her bra and I take in a mouthful of her breast. “Christian…” she mutters. That’s right baby. Moan for me. I pull her breast out of her bra and bite down gently on her nipple. She moans out. Loudly. I reach around and unclasp her bra. I pull it off and throw it to the floor of the tent. “I want you. Badly,” she whispers.

Slow,” I whisper back. “Slowly baby.” I move down to remove her shoes. I take off her black heels and place them on the floor. I slowly massage her foot, then the other, as she takes it all in with her eyes closed. My baby does enjoy a good foot rub. I sit up and reach for her black skirt. I grasp the waistband and take my time in pulling it down. Once it’s off, I move back up to her stockings.


I hope you’re not a fan of these, “ I say as I rip open the crotch of her stockings. She doesn’t say a word. “Or these,” I add, ripping off her black panties. Her scent greets me in doing so and I fight back the urge to take her at this very moment. I lie on my side next to her. I trace my fingers along her lips. Oh those lips, Mrs. Grey. I lean in and kiss her. She moves to her side and grabs a fistful of my hair as we kiss. My tongue finds hers and our slow kissing becomes passionate and hard.

Are you ready?” I ask as I move my hand down to her legs and pull them open. My fingers slowly inch their way towards her center and I am welcomed with pure wetness. “Oh Ana,” I mutter into her mouth. My finger brushes her clit and she quivers at my touch. I circle it with slow pressure. Her hands grip my hair harder. Fuck. I grind myself against her leg, letting her feel my hardness.

Her moans get louder and longer as I caress her clit, knowing I am bringing her to the edge quickly.

That’s it baby. Let me hear you,” I whisper into her ear. I look over to see her staring up into the star-filled ceiling. “Come for me baby,” I command as I insert my finger and continue to rub her clit with my thumb.


Christian…now,” she groans as I feel her come. I thrust another finger inside of her and she screams out. I move in and out of her and she slowly comes down from her orgasm. I release my fingers and quickly take my pants off.

Ready for my baby?” She shakes her head yes. “Good. Turn around.” Quickly she complies and is on her stomach. My sub. At least in the bedroom. I pull her up to her knees then reach around to her clit. She is soaked. Fuck. She is always so wet. This time I am relentless. I massage her clit hard, knowing how sensitive she gets after just one orgasm. She moans and bucks her hips from side to side. I can’ t take it any longer. I enter her from behind. Holy shit. I grab hold of her hip with my other hand and thrust into her. Fuck it feels good. I don’t think I will last for too long this way. Knowing she loves this position doesn’t help either. I feel myself climbing quickly but I want her to come again. I remove my hand from her hip and spank her left cheek.

Ah…yes…again….” she screams out. I bring my hand down again. And again. All while thrusting into her and my other hand torturing her swollen clit. I feel her start to tighten up around me and I know she’s on the edge. I bring my hand to her burning ass once more and she screams out that she’s coming. That’s it baby. Come hard for me. I grab her hips tight with both hands and come with her.

Fuck Ana,” I groan as I hold her tightly in place. Ah…inside of her is where I love to be. I lean down against her back as I slow my breathing.

We collapse to the mattress together and lie like that for a while. The buzzing of the projector is the only noise in the room. I close my eyes and relish in the moment. For I know that change is upon us and moments like this may become few and far between.

Penny for your thoughts,” she finally asks. I roll over to face her.

Just enjoying the moment, Mrs. Grey. Things are going to change soon, you know.”

I know they are. For the better, you’ll see,” she says trying to assure me. “And thank you by the way.”

For what?”

For what?” she says with surprise in her voice. “Umm, all of this,” she points to the tent and the stars. “You’ve just given me the best Valentine’s Day ever.”

Ever, huh?”

Yes. Well, first you need to answer one more question. What was with the running shoes. Is that your hint that I’ve gotten too big for your taste?” She crosses her arms and pretends to sulk. Shit. Here it goes. You can do this. You are ready for this.


I get up from the mattress and grab the running shoes from the bag. I sit back down next to Ana. My heart is beating out of my chest and I am not sure if it’s from my orgasm or nerves. I am thinking the latter. “Do you remember why I have been seeing Flynn more often?”

Yes. To help with your control issues and baby Blip’s arrival. Why?” She looks concerned.

Right. And I have been doing a lot of soul-searching these last few months. And I have come to a conclusion. One that I am most certain of and wanted to share with you. Today. Valentine’s day.” I look into her eyes as I speak.

Go on,” she whispers. I see tears starting to pool in her eyes.

Well, what Flynnism have we always sort of joked about in our relationship from the beginning?”

She sits for a moment then replies, “That you need to walk before you run.”

Yes. And you have walked with me from the start. Never pushing me to walk faster. Never expecting anything but always there for me. And I want to tell you that I have learned to walk. Because of you. And now I am ready to run towards the future. Together with you. Always with you,” I say with absolute certainty, although my voice was cracking.

So I don’t have to lose weight after all?” she says with a laugh which suddenly turns to crying. Hysterical crying. I grab her and pull her to my chest.


I love you, Christian. All of you. All fifty shades of you.” God what you do to me Ana. I lean down and kiss her hair and know that I love all of her too.