Color Me GREYsessed!

Good evening GREYsessed readers! Big developments this week in the making of the Fifty Shades movie. BIG. HUGE. First, the Hollywood Reporter put out an article stating that the Chair of Universal would like to see the movie out around Summer 2014. Yes, get your freak flags out and ready to wave ladies! In addition to that lovely piece of news, Kelly Marcel and E L James got together this week. Both women tweeted about their get together and one can only speculate that it was to go over a certain screenplay. So, with all this buzz going on I would like to repost my PCA-Post Casting Agreement. And it can’t come at a better time. Nasty tweets are being thrown around right now as I type. Ladies, let’s remember that there can only be one Christian. And we all know Christian Bale is it! Stop rolling your eyes, I…

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