Happy Easter GREYsessed readers! I hope you all had a wonderful day ending in a chocolate-induced coma! Since my last blog post, there’s been definite gatherings including Ms. James and company. She was recently in LA again, meeting up with Team Fifty for obvious reasons. Reasons we all wish would be announced sometime soon! In true teasing-style, Ms. James tweeted random pictures on Twitter of her and Kelly Marcel. Of course, no big secrets were spilled, other than the fact that E L enjoys a good froth on her latte/cappuccino! And as usual, the rumor mill just keeps spitting out a new Christian and Ana casting, but we all know who has the final say in that decision!

Enjoy this next blog-it’s a continuation of “Fifty Shades of Role Play.” Thanks for reading and as always,

Love & Laters©, Michele


I watch with hungry eyes as Ana walks slowly into my office. She holds the flogger at her side, almost looking like she’s trying to now hide it. Too late, Miss Steele. I’ve seen the flogger and soon you’ll be feeling it. I life my pointer finger and gesture with it for her to walk towards me. I shift in my leather chair at the sound of her sky-high heels clicking on the marble floor. Even pregnant, she can strut her stuff in a pair of fuck me heels. Our eyes lock and I feel myself come to life. Yes, that feeling of blood rushing through my veins, warm and tingly. The intensity between us that unsettles my equilibrium. Here. Now.


Let’s see if my Ana is equipped to continue this role play. I smirk at the random thoughts flashing in my mind at this very moment. Showtime Grey.

You must be Miss Steele. Welcome to Grey Enterprises.” I stand up from my chair and extend my hand to shake hers. Skin touches skin and lightning strikes my core. This is the only woman to ever do this to me, and continues to do so at the most random moments. Shit. Get it together. You’ve got dominating Christian Grey to play here. “I see you found your way just fine. Well, with Google of course,” I say with a wink. She lets a slight grin escape her. I fixate on her lips. Those lips. I’ve been fixated from the first time she fell into my office and it hasn’t changed a bit.

Yes, Mr. Grey. It’s amazing what one can find out from doing some research,” she says playfully. Hmm…looks like Mrs. Grey…errr…Miss Steele is ready to do this. But she needs to know who’s in charge here.

You can’t believe everything you read on the internet Miss Steele. I am sure you have learned this from your years at WSU, yes?”

WSU? How do you know where I go to school Mr. Grey?”

Oh, I’ve done my research as well, Miss Steele.”

I see you have. Mind if I ask you a few questions before we…” Her voice fades off  before she finishes her sentence.

Before we what, Ana? May I call you Ana?” I give her my best come-hither look. And there it is in 3..2..1.. We’ve got a lip biter. Every damn time. I glare at her lips, then my eyes meet hers. I fist my hands in an attempt to channel the overwhelming desire to rip her light blue dress off and fuck her hard against my desk.


Yes, Ana is fine. And I just meant that umm…well, we talked in our emails about you know, things.”

I move from behind my desk and stand before her. “Right. Things…what things would you like to talk about? Spankings, or perhaps flogging,” I say as I gesture to her hand holding the black flogger.

She smiles and holds the flogger up. “Well, I am very interested in learning more about your company Mr. Grey. But I think I may be more interested in how well you can use one of these.” Oh fuck. Don’t let her take control. Yes, I have to admit that over time my dear wife has gotten bold in her bedroom ways. A huge leap from where we started from. But right now, I want to own her. All of her.

Would you now, Miss Steele?” I reach up and take the flogger from her hand. I hold it up with one hand, and slowly move my fingers up and down the tassels with the other.Her eyes follow my fingers and I want her. Badly. I can hear her breathing intensify and I know she is turned. on. “Are you sure you want to get involved with a man like me? I have many secrets. Dark and perhaps scary to some.” And as the words come out of my mouth, my mind flashes back to the day that Ana left me. Dark and scary has since been replaced with love and acceptance, yet the sting still gets me.

I may be a girl who comes across as innocent and naïve, like I mentioned in my emails. But I am also a girl who is open to exploring the dark. That’s if you are willing to show me.”

I put my finger to my lips. “Ssshh…you’ve said enough Miss Steele. No more talking. Understood?” She nods her head yes. “Good girl. Now bend over the desk.” I hear her gasp ever so slightly. You’re going to be doing more than a little gasping in a minute.


Immediately she bends over my desk. I place the flogger down next to her face and move behind her. I slowly pull her dress up, touching her skin lightly as I go. Her body tenses. I continue moving her dress up then rest the material on her back.

Holy shit. “No panties, Miss Steele?” Not what I was expecting from my pregnant wife. Lightning strikes again. I lean around to look at her face that is leaning against the cherry wood desk. She looks up at me but doesn’t answer. Good little sub. You’ve avoided my palm. For now. I turn back towards her exposed ass. Oh, the thoughts that come to mind with her in this compromising position. “You have a beautiful ass,” I say as I gently glide my fingers up and down. A low moan comes out of her mouth and my need for her intensifies.

I move to her side and lean down to have my face right next to hers.” I am going to make you come now. Are you ready?” She shakes her head yes. I reach down and slide my hand down over her ass then to her center. My fingers are welcomed with a pool of wetness. Always ready. That’s my Ana. “I see someone is liking this,” I whisper in her ear. “How about this?” I ask as I move my finger up and find her swollen clit.

Aaah…” Ana moans out loudly.

You are new at this, so I won’t spank you….yet. But you must know that your moaning must be kept to a minimum. We are a place of business after all.” I rub her clit harder as she clenches her lips closed to keep from moaning. “That’s right baby,” I whisper into her ear. “Get ready, I am going to make you come quickly.” She moans in her mouth at my words. I massage her wet clit in a circular rhythm, increasing the pressure slowly. Her hips start to buck and I know she is getting close.


I remove my finger and bring it to her mouth. “Suck,” I whisper as I push my finger into her mouth. Her tongue swirls around my finger as she gazes up at me. I watch as her mouth opens and she takes in my entire finger. She closes her eyes and sucks hard. Fuck. I can feel my breathing getting heavy. Shit, I am supposed to be making her come.

I quickly pull my finger out of her mouth and grab the flogger. “Ready for more, Miss Steele?” I skim the strands of the flogger across her bottom, teasing. “Shall I do more with this? You may answer.”


Oh, please,” she begs.

Please what?”

Please, Sir,” she says with a moan.

Good girl, I think you are ready to come now,” I groan out as I bring the flogger down quickly across her ass.

Aagghh!”She cries out, covering her mouth.

“Again?” I ask. She nods yes. I sweep the strands along her skin then quickly let it bite down again. Harder. She doesn’t cry out, rather, a deep moan. This moan I am familiar with. It’s the moan that follows her initial fear leaving her body and she has accepted the pleasure. The sweet agony.

Oh god!” she screams out a little too loud as I cup her wetness. My finger finds her clit and I circle it in unison with the flogger on her skin. And with each swift strike to her skin, my finger massages her clit just as forceful. “Christian…Sir…” she begs. And I know she’s there.


I bring the flogger down on her bottom once more and stroke her clit relentlessly. She starts bucking against the desk as she orgasms hard against my fingers. I watch in pleasure as her hands grasp for something, anything to hold onto.

I want you inside me,” Ana mutters out. “Please.”

I release my hand from inside her and pull her off the desk to face me. I grab a fistful of her hair and bring her closer to me. She is still breathing heavy as I bring my lips to hers. My kiss is demanding, my tongue stroking hers. I want her badly. My uncontrollable urge for her floods my body. I pull away and look at her.


So, Miss Steele, how do you feel about our first meeting?”

I’m not sure yet. Like I said, I want you inside me. Why did you stop?” And I’m not sure why of my answer. My body is aching for her, but my mind told me to stop. And then that flash of Ana leaving me that first time comes rushing back again. Yes, we’ve talked about my lifestyle numerous times throughout our relationship. All of it. But in this moment, part of me wants  her to tell me what I think I want to hear.

Well, what I have planned for you cannot take place in this office. What would you say if I had a place at home that some might call the Red Room of Pain?” I do my best to put on my dominating face.

I may say that I think, actually, I know I’d fit into this part of your life, Mr. Grey. And then some.” She smiles up at me then winks.


Why?” I ask and suddenly feeling nervous for her answer. Seriously? You two are married. Get a fucking grip Grey.

Take me to this Red Room Mr. Grey. There is no why.”

And that answer is everything I wanted but never thought I still needed.

I hope you aren’t opposed to being tied up and fucked Miss Steele,” I say as I smack her bottom.

Bring it Mr. Grey. I’m always ready.” Shit. There she goes challenging me again. I am going to have to show her who’s in charge again-Red Room style.

To be continued….. xo