Hello GREYsessed readers! I have a few things to share with you, so I’ll get right to it! Guess who is going to be on the radio? Yep- ME! Seattle WAVE Radio’s Lori Ness is doing a “Fifty Shades- 1 Year Later” radio show next month. The date is TBD, but I will blog and tweet it out as soon as I know! The show is going to be filled with tons of guests and surprises! The wonderful and talented artist, Jennifer Trouton is schedule to appear. Her work was hung in Christian’s office in the first book. Other guests include the Laters Baby! Gals, who blog/tweet/facebook all things Fifty. And big news about the Fifty Shades Soiree will be announced, amongst other “Oh My” moments and special guests!


Please follow Seattle WAVE on Twitter, their handle is @4SeattleMusic and Lori’s is @iguestinfo. You can be kept up to date on all things Seattle and music related with them. Laters, Baby!’s name on Twitter is @50Latersbaby and keep up on information for the soiree at @50ShadesSoiree. I am so excited for this wonderful opportunity to celebrate the success of E L James, the books and soon to be made movie!


Okay, my other news is REAL-ly exciting! As much as we all LOVE LOVE LOVE Fifty Shades, we sometimes have to cheat on our book boyfriend for another. And do I have one for you to cheat on Mr. Grey with! The book is called Real, by Katy Evans and it is the REAL deal! I have read my share of smut (haven’t we all), and this one truly resonated with me. Like Fifty Shades, it isn’t really about the all the kink (okay, a tad), but more about the character development and the emotional relationship we form with them.

This book is a “I’ll lose sleep and read on the toilet until I finish” kind of read. You know what I mean- looking like you belong on an episode of The Walking Dead the next morning. But it’s all for the greater good. Which is: must. know. how. It. ends. dang it. And yes, be ready for a lot of, “Oh no he didn’t!” from the main character, Remy. Oh Remy. How I love thee. Let me count the ways. Rather, let me count the squees and gah’s. Yes, I said squees and gah’s. You know, when something happens where your only reaction is to Gah!!! and Squeeeee!!! Yes. That.


His lovely “lion tenderness” will make you swoon but don’t be misguided. Remy is all male-protective, fierce, and bad boy. Cue the heroine, Brooke, who helps “tame” his inner turmoil all while making for a truly REAL romance. Yes, I am over using the word REAL. Because it’s just too easy too;) But seriously, what I loved about this book is that their relationship is so intimate, so oh crap-REAL, that you actually blush and swoon as he sears right into her soul with his wild eyes. Then just like that, Ms. Evans causes some panty puddin’ (yes, that.) with the steamy, primal connection that Remy and Brooke share. I don’t want to give too much away, so go buy/download/share this great book!


But wait….I’ve got one more thing to share with you. I feel like the luckiest gal because Ms. Katy Evans herself blessed me with her presence with an interview! I am so grateful that she took the time out of her roller coaster high she is on right now with the release of Real, and gave us a sneak peak at the get ready for it……REAL Katy Evans! Enjoy learning more about this wonderful lady and follow her on Twitter at @authorkatyevans. Her book is available on Amazon now!!!

Love & Laters Michele


PS-new Fifty Shades blog coming in a day or two! Pinky Promise! Xo



Katy Evans


When did you know you wanted to be a writer?

Since I started reading Sweet Valley High and got hooked on those Wakefield sisters when I was about eleven. From that point onward, it’s always been a dream of mine.


What do you enjoy doing besides writing?


I love reading and spending time with my family. I also love cooking paleo-style meals, taking pictures, and running. I’m a naturally passionate person, so taking a walk is also something that I love to do frequently to unwind.


Is there a real-life Remy that inspired the character?


There is always a part of my husband inside every one of my heroes. He is my ultimate hero inspiration.


The boxing underground scenes are vividly portrayed. Did you have a resource to help? Or just solely your imagination?


I love sports and do them regularly. And with the help of my trainer and imagination: Voila! The underground came alive!


What is your favorite part of Real?


It’s so hard to say. I love REAL so much. I wish I could live with Brooke and Remy, Melanie, Pete, Riley, Coach, Diane, and Nora!


Music is such an important element of your story. Will music play as another “character” in your follow-up story?


Yes! Remington continues to rely on music to express himself sometimes, and Brooke has understood this about him so much. She cherishes every song. They’re like kisses to her. So definitely, music plays a huge part!


When will the paperback of Real be available?

It is available now on Amazon!

How hard was it to channel your inner kink to write the scenes in the story?


Not at all. There’s so much passion and longing and love between Brooke and Remington. I only hoped I could do their emotions justice with my words.


If we are to be blessed with a movie production of Real, who would you choose to play Remy and Brooke?


I would love this blessing very much! I feel that REAL is very much great movie material. I think Chris Hemsworth with a couple of tweaks and Jennifer Lawrence. Also, there are so many new and unheard of actors out there. There might be the perfect Remy waiting to be discovered.


Favorite go-to foods (we’re girls after all. Love comparing what food feeds our emotions;)


Always, without a doubt, chocolate. I love dark chocolate most, at least 75% dark. Yum!!


Can we expect a book tour soon? And if so, can I be your assistant? Kidding on the second part. Not really;)


Love that! Yes, there will be a book tour starting April 29th for a week, so I hope you all will accompany me, and you too, Michele!!



Thanks again Katy! I loved getting to chat with you and can’t say enough how much I am squeeing and gah-ing over Remy and Brooke! Congratulations on all your success and may you continue to enchant us all with your wonderful storytelling.

Big hugs and kisses, Michele xo