Hello GREYsessed readers! Thank you for being patient with me getting this blog out. It has been a very emotional and trying week with all that has happened in both Boston and Texas. I find it difficult to channel my inner kink with such horrific news happening. I hope that all of you and your families are safe and sound.

If you didn’t read my last blog-please do! I am going to be on Seattle Wave Radio with Lori Ness in the next month and all the information is on there. A date is yet to be set, but I will keep you posted! It is sure to be a great two-hour radio show in celebration of Fifty Shades and all that has happened in the last year. Lots of guest and surprises to be had!

Also, I did a review of the fabulous new book release, “Real,” by Katy Evans and also had the privilege of interviewing her! So go check it out if you missed it!

Enjoy this next story! It is from Ana’s POV~ let me know if you like it. I was torn with which POV to go with. So if it’s liked, I may do it from Christian’s view next! Love & Laters©, Michele



“I do not want to come in your mouth.” Those words linger in my head as I stare out my office window. The city of Seattle is staring back at me but I do not notice. I am too entranced with the memory of last night with Christian and how I loved hearing him beg. Begging for me to stop before he came undone in my mouth. My inner goddess loves that I can do that to Mr. Control Freak. Ignoring his wishes, I opened my mouth wider and took him in deeper. And just to send him over the edge, I swirled my tongue around his tip.“Fuck Ana!,” he had grunted before grabbing my shoulders and pulling me off of him.

The warmth increases in between my legs as I remember what happened next. Christian decided that it was his turn to tease. He tossed me onto the bed and spread my legs open and up. I couldn’t move with his strong hands holding me down as his tongue teased my engorged clit. “Wet and ready as always, Miss Steele,” he said as he looked up at me from between my legs. He continued to watch me as he slowly licked me from bottom to top. I threw my head back against the pillow and moaned loudly.

“Eyes on me,” he ordered. Oh my, that’s hot. I turned my head to look at him. Christian gave me his devilish grin as he pressed into my clit hard. Oh fuck. He knows what that look does to me. He released one hand from my thigh and inserted two fingers as his tongue circled my clit. “Come for me baby,” he said and fingered me hard. I exploded into a mind-blowing orgasm which now has me wet remembering last night’s event. The sound of an email notification snaps me back into reality.

From: Christian Grey

Subject: HARDly working

Date: June 15 2011 14:28

To: Anastasia Steele

Dear Anastasia

Notice the subject heading?

Christian Grey

CEO, Grey Enterprises Holdings Inc.


I can’t help but smile at the email. It was only a little over a week ago that we were still on the outs after I thought we couldn’t make our relationship work. The memory of those days without Christian is so painful that I quickly dismiss it and email him back.

From: Anastasia Steele

Subject: SPREADsheets

Date: June 15 2011 14:31

To: Christian Grey

Notice mine?

Anastasia Steele

Assistant to Jack Hyde, Commissioning Editor, SIP


My inner goddess gives me a fist bump as I hit send. There’s nothing like some friendly sexual banter to put a girl in a good mood. Especially since Jack has been on me like white on rice lately. There’s definitely something off about him and I’d rather not get too close to find out what. “Have a date tonight?” Jack had asked the other night as I tried to escape work without him seeing me. I lied and said I was running late for a doctor appointment. The last thing he needs to know is my personal business, although he tries like hell. I look at the pile of work I still have to get to. The fact that I am now extremely aware of the wetness in my panties is not helping. Or Christian’s email. I welcome the flutter of butterflies in my stomach in anticipation of his email response. And in that moment, there’s the ding of my phone.

From: Christian Grey

Subject: Can I see your SPREADsheets

Date: June 15 2011 14:35

To: Anastasia Steele

I was wondering if I could set up an appointment to see your spreadsheets tonight? It’s all I can think about today. I’d really like to get my hands (and other things) on them.

Christian Grey

CEO, and thorough spreadsheet reader, Grey Enterprises Holdings Inc.


Tonight? I am giddy like a school girl! I am seeing him tonight! How am I supposed to accomplish anything at work now? I am smiling from ear to ear and not even grumpy Jack Hyde can take it away from me! Before I can respond to Christian, another email pops up.

From: Christian Grey

Subject: ROUGH draft of your SPREADsheets

Date: June 15 2011 14:37

To: Anastasia Steele

Please let me know if we will be seeing your spreadsheets tonight. And if so, perhaps you could send a detailed description of what that might entail. Enquiring CEO’s would like to know;)

Christian Grey

CEO, and loves a ROUGH draft, Grey Enterprises Holdings Inc.


I laugh out loud. Did he just really send me a winky face? Christian Grey-providing the surprises as usual. My inner goddess nudges me. She’s giving me a winky face and her devil horns are now showing. I winky face back and hit up Google. I know what I’m looking for but not sure if I have the nerve to actually send it. We’ve only back “together” recently, and my inner chicken is clucking away. I scan the images and find exactly what I am looking for. I can’t believe I am even considering this. I blame Kate and her smutty books. She’s been on a smut kick to ease the separation anxiety she’s having since Elliot is away on business.

Just send the damn picture. I stare at the image and get excited over the thought of Christian’s expression when he sees this. I save the picture and attach it to the email. I look over at my inner goddess who’s pointing at the send button and rolling her eyes. Okay, okay. I cringe a little and quickly hit send. Holy moly guacamole.

From: Anastasia Steele

Subject: Here’s your ROUGH draft

Date: June 15 2011 14:46

To: Christian Grey


That. Is. All.

Anastasia Steele

Assistant to Jack Hyde, Commissioning Editor, SIP


I mindlessly fuss with the pile of papers on my desk, with each second that passes feeling like an hour.

Relax Ana. This is Christian Grey, owner of the Red Room of Pain. Right. No big deal. He asked, right? Jeez, respond already! I hit refresh and still no email. Twitchy much? I lean back in my chair and close my eyes. Breathe Ana…..Ding! I jump at the sound and quickly open the email.

From: Christian Grey

Subject: Finalizing your ROUGH draft

Date: June 15 2011 14:51

To: Anastasia Steele



Christian Grey

CEO & HARD at work, Grey Enterprises Holdings Inc.


Good to see you, Miss Steele,” Christian says as he plants a kiss on my lips. Instantly I feel that oh so hot electric feeling between us. It doesn’t help that I have been turned on all day and ready to attack him right here in the foyer.


Good to see you as well, Mr. Grey.” I smile at him and he gives me THAT look. Shit. I’m toast. My lower half aches at the sight of him. Would it be rude to just ask to skip the formalities and just get it on? I peek over at my inner goddess who’s humming Marvin Gaye. You said it sister. Let’s get it on.

Something funny?” he asks. Crap! Was I that obvious?

No, it’s just nerves I think.”

Nerves? Why are you nervous?” he asks as he puts his arms around my waist and pulls me into him. Mmm…I’ll never get tired of his scent. “I have a surprise for you. Shall we?” He gestures towards the playroom and my stomach does cartwheels. A surprise? I thought my picture was enough surprise for one day but it’s so Christian to bring in the surprises as well.


I push open the door to the playroom and feeling nervous as to what awaits us. The familiar scent of citrus, leather, and wood welcomes me as I step into the dark room. I quickly scan the room to see if anything looks new or different. We have not been in here since our breakup and it actually feels good to be back in it. Wow, did I just really think that? But it’s true. This room is Christian. And this time around I am hoping we can do it right. The thought of losing him again has now turned my butterflies into knots.

Are you okay with being in here? You look distraught.”

Yes. Of course,” I quickly respond. I look around again and something catches my eye. “What did you do with the poles that held all the paddles and whips?” In its place was something new, but I couldn’t quite make out what.

It’s part of your surprise. First, you had mentioned that the canes and whips were somewhat of a hard limit for you. So I removed them.” He turns to me and brushes my hair behind my ear lovingly. “I want you to be happy, Anastasia. And I will do whatever it takes to make that possible,” he says then kisses my forehead softly. “And second, I had something installed to facilitate with your fantasy my monkey girl.”

I giggle. “Monkey girl?”

Christian grabs my hand and walks me over to the wall. “You do have to admit it has a certain spider monkey feel to it. Not that I am complaining at all,” he says laughing. Oh how I love me some playful Christian. Suddenly I am feeling better about sending the picture. “In fact, I was pleasantly surprised at that picture. I love that you were comfortable enough to send it to me.”If a scarlet face is comfortable, then sure. But if he is liking this side of me, then perhaps I should learn to embrace it more. Slowly….but more.

So, what is it?” I ask as we both look up. A long wooden bar with some sort of padding wrapped around it has replaced the Canes R Us station.

I took a good look at your spider monkey picture and thought, I can do that,” he says with a smirk. “But I also think it would be even more pleasurable if we ensured your stability, yes?”

I can feel myself blush. His words are just… so Christian. Always thinking beyond the situation and taking care of me. Even with a simple sexual request that apparently is now been dubbed the spider monkey. “So the bar…it’s for me to hold on to?”

Yes, and the padding will be more comfortable than just simple wood.” Wow. I am speechless.

 Christian turns to me and slowly kisses me, starting at my jaw then moves to my chin and finally my mouth. He grabs a fistful of my hair and his kisses become harder, more passionate. I open my mouth wider as our tongues meet. I let out a moan into his mouth. I want him. Badly. Now. I wrap my arms around him and feel his muscular back under his dress shirt. I slowly move down to his behind and massage him there, and he groans. My clit throbs at the sound of him. He releases my hair and brings his hands down to my dress. He places a finger under the strap of the blue sundress I’m wearing. It  falls down my arm as he does the same to the other strap. Then he slides my dress completely off and it pools around my feet.

Fuck Ana,” he blurts out. “No bra or panties?” Looks like we both like to bring the surprises.


I didn’t think they were really necessary.” I step out of my dress.

No, the fuck me heels can stay on,” Christian orders as I was about to kick off my black four-inch heels. “Those will look good wrapped around my head.” Oh shit. I can feel my wetness starting to escape me.

Enough talking Ms. Steele,” he says then pulls me into him. His hands grab my behind as he kisses me hard. Slowly he guides me towards the wall. I walk backwards as his lips never leave mine. Now against the wall, Christian releases himself from our lip lock and leans down to take my breast in his mouth.


Ah,” I moan out. His hand comes up and massages my other breast, my nipple hardening under his fingers. “Christian,” I whisper. He bites down and I practically come at the perfect balance of pain and pleasure. He lifts his head and grabs me from under my arms. With seemingly no effort, he hoists me up and I grab onto the padded bar. I place my legs over his shoulders. Wow, I am perfectly in proportion with his….head. Why am I not surprised either?

Christian looks up at me and smiles. “You look good wrapped around me.” And before I can respond, he buries himself into me. Holy fuck. He expertly moves his tongue over my clit and I grab hold tightly to the bar. He places his hands under my bottom, pushing me harder into his mouth. I can feel myself climbing quickly towards coming. I am panting, moaning, and wanting more all at once.

Oh….oh…..fuck…” I yell out as his hand moves from my bottom to my center. From behind his finger slowly grazes my center, massaging my sensitive and wet lips. “Christian,” I mutter, feeling my orgasm quickly approaching. He knows this as well. His tongue is relentless on my clit. Then suddenly, he stops. His head comes up and he looks at me. I am suddenly aware of my heavy breathing. “Oh god,” I gasp as his finger moves to my behind. Slowly, he circles the area. Holy fuck it feels good.


Are you ready to come for me?” All I can do is shake my head yes. His finger on me there has me convulsing and on the brink of exploding. “Good girl,” he says as he inserts his finger to my bottom and buries his head once more. My clit is so sensitive at this point that every stroke of his tongue sends shock waves throughout my entire body. Slowly his finger eases in and out of me. It feels….fucking amazing.

Christian….please,” I beg. It’s almost too much. I want to come badly. As if he can read my thoughts, he inserts a finger into my front and I am completely full. Holy shit! It’s sweet torture and I scream out as my body convulses around his tongue, his fingers. I tighten my grip on the bar as I cry out while having the most intense orgasm. It goes on and on as he continues to finger and lick me mercilessly.


Slowly I come down from what seemed to be the longest orgasm of my life. Christian releases himself from inside me and looks up. “Well, you are quite a sight up there, Ms. Steele.” All I can do is give him a slight smile. I am spent at the moment. “Okay spider monkey, we are not done. I have another ride in store for you. Bed. Now.” 

to be continued…..xo