Good evening  GREYsessed readers! It’s been another week of teasing tweets from E L James and Kelly Marcel. The dynamic duo is together again in LA and we can assume why! From purchasing “supplies” from Starbucks to spanking references, they leave us wanting more! I told Ms. James that her tweets are a torture device, in which she replied, “Mwah ha ha ha haaa!” Well played Ms. James. Well played.

All I ask is that an official press conference be held when this casting finally happens. There is a new rumor every day as to who is getting cast and who is not. Wouldn’t if be refreshing to suddenly hear those famous words, “We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming to bring you this breaking news.” Then it just seems appropriate that E L James herself should announce the casting from the penthouse of the Escala, NFL draft-style. Yes! I could see it now. Have you ever watched an NFL draft? If not, it’s an absolute event and I think this casting is just as worthy.  There can be a live ticker at the bottom of our television screens updating us on all the recent “picks” as it happens.  Dana Brunetti and Michael DeLuca can be the “Fifty Shades Draft 2013” commentators:

“And next on the draft list is…the role of Anastasia Steele. Here comes Ms. James with Team Fifty’s selection. “

OMG!!!! Would that not be a ratings hit? Where’s Ryan Seacrest when you need him? And instead of receiving a jersey like the drafted football player gets after he’s drafted, the actor can receive something symbolic of their character. The selected Christian can get the iconic grey tie for instance. A pair of handcuffs, for Anastasia perhaps?

Okay, enough of my Fifty Shades fantasies and on to real life blogging! The Fifty Shades- themed radio show is still yet to be determined but it’s still happening! I will keep you posted on the date because this will be a fun-filled two hours of all things Fifty Shades. There are plenty of surprises in store, so keep a look out for the date!

Please note: There is no kink in this blog (stow the twitch). I will get a story out this weekend. I was too excited to share my awesome surprise with you all!

Love & Laters©, Michele

***AND NOW FOR THE HIGHLIGHT OF THIS BLOG!!!*** I had the honor and privilege to interview the uber-talented writing duo Christina Lauren. They wrote the mega-hit “Beautiful Bastard” and the recently released “Beautiful Stranger.”


Okay ladies, for those who know me, I have one word for “Beautiful Stranger” -GAH! These ladies have nailed it again! Yes, pun intended;) Their second story of the series does not disappoint! Yes, we get our fix of Bennett and Chloe from Bastard, and it’s lovely to see how their relationship has evolved. BUT…….move over Mr. Ryan, there’s a new stud muffin in town. And he’s British! Yes, my fellow smut lovers, I said British! You could read me the telephone book with a British accent and I’d be changing the panties.

Enter Max Stella. Not only British, but equal parts sexy and sweet. Not interested in his fortune or notoriety, but definitely in Sara Dillon, the luckiest woman in the world. She moves to New York City to escape a cheating ex and start a new life in the Big Apple. He’s a notorious Wall Street playboy. Their chance meeting at a dance club has one night stand written all over it. But his charm and sweetness challenge her inhibitions and melts her heart faster than you can say “How many fingers would you like?” And yes, that is indeed a pudding panties quote from the book. Perhaps you should reread it with a British accent in mind. GAH!


I don’t want to give a full-fledged description of the book but I will say this…HELLO PUBLIC SEX! The scorching chemistry between Max and Sara is heightened by the naughty risk of being caught. You will be in need of a cold shower followed by a sprint to your local library!

“I was convinced that being ripped in two by him would be the best pleasure I’d ever known.”

I may or may not have spewed coffee at that line, along with a few other zingers to the lady parts. So I bow down to Christina Lauren for writing a story that brings the sex, warms the heart, and delivers a giggle or two. They are the queens of giving us swoon-worthy men and strong women we don’t want to bitch slap by the end of the book.


Reading Beautiful Bastard first is definitely not a requirement to enjoy Stranger. You just may not get as frisky when reading the description of a conference room while high-fiving your smut- loving self. This story definitely stands on its own and will leave you wanting more from these talented writers.

How Christina and Lauren write with one unified voice is beyond me. I just love that these two besties have found the gift of writing together to give us such wonderful smut..I mean stories! If you don’t already, follow these fabulous ladies on Twitter where you can stalk, errr I mean talk with these entertaining chicks. Christina’s twitter handle is @seeCwrite  and Lauren’s is @lolashoes.


A big thank you to Christina and Lauren and their publishing company, Simon & Schuster for the interview. I know you ladies are super busy and I am so appreciative for this opportunity. Much love to you both and continued success! Bring on Beautiful Bitch! xoxo



How did the two of you meet? 

We met while writing fan fiction online, reading and loving each other’s stories. We met in person at San Diego Comic Con in 2009. After that, we decided to try to write together . . . it just bloomed from there.

With living in separate states, how did you make it work in collaborating your stories? 

Whenever we start a new project, we get together to outline in person. We basically hole up in a room somewhere, and just hammer through every idea we have until we have a good skeleton of an outline. We break it into scenes, decide what parts we each really want (or don’t want) to cover and split up the project. And then, we write! We’ll write and edit and write some more. By the end, we’ve each gone through it so many times, we often don’t remember who wrote what to begin with.

What is something you learned about each other during this journey? 

We’ve learned how well we compliment each other and how critical that is to a strong partnership. Writing is stressful, and publishing is even more so. Lo tends to be hyper-organized, and Christina tends to be laid back. Lo makes sure we have a schedule so we get everything done; Christina makes sure we stay sane while we’re doing it.

Are each of you responsible for the voice of Max? Chloe? 

We may start out writing one character or another, but in the end we both write both characters.

People like me swoon over authors like you … What authors are swoon-worthy to you both? 

We both love the book THE SKY IS EVERYWHERE by Jandy Nelson (a YA novel) and if we met her, would probably be uncharacteristically speechless and just stare at her with heart-eyes. Other authors who have amazed us include Tiffany Reisz, Tahereh Mafi, Wally Lamb, Kristin Cashore, Holly Black, and Rae Carson. We love writing erotica, but our favorite genre as readers is still probably YA.

When can we expect the novellas for Beautiful Bastard? Any hopes for a movie or TV series for either book? 

The movie rights were acquired by Constantin Film (Original Hollywood Reporter article, BeautifulBastardFilm.com), and they are actively pursuing the project right now. The three novellas are all due out this year. BEAUTIFUL BITCH comes out July 9th, BEAUTIFUL BOMBSHELL is September 2nd, and BEAUTIFUL BEGINNING is November 18th.

The third book in the series, BEAUTIFUL PLAYER, is Will’s book (from STRANGER) and that will come out October 29th. It’s a busy year!

If a movie were to happen, who do you envision for Max? Chloe? Can there be a token Asian cast so I can make a cameo? 😉 

Why don’t you play Julia? (You all see this, right? Hollywood here I come!! GAH!)

And it’s hard for us to imagine any one person in the role and, as the authors, when we’re writing a character, they usually become a conglomeration of several different faces. But some suggestions from readers have really clicked for us. For Bennett: Henry Cavill, Adam Levine, Jamie Dornan, Devin Paisley, Matthew Goode, among others. For Chloe, Mila Kunis is at the top of everyone’s list. We also like Rachel Bilson and Emilia Clarke. Honestly, we’re still amazed this is even a conversation we get to have! Wouldn’t it be fun for two virtually-unknown actors to get the role and just run with it?

Besides writing steamy love stories, how do you spend your free time? 

We both work at our other jobs still; Lo is a scientist and Christina works at a junior high counseling office. With kiddos, husbands, five projects due to Gallery before November first, and a total of six books coming out this year alone, we don’t have a lot of free time anymore. If we did? Christina loves to garden, and Lo loves to cook.

Where did the inspiration come from for the sweetness that is Max? Chloe? 

Max kind of evolved from page one. We both wanted him to be very different from Bennett, but it wasn’t hard. As soon as we started writing, he just came out that way.

Chloe was a way to turn the boss-intern trope on its head; yes, it’s sexy to imagine a hot-hate sex-workplace hookup, but we’re used to seeing those where the woman submits somehow. Those are plenty hot, but for us, it was more fun to write a character who gives as good as she gets. Hence, Chloe.


I was intrigued to learn that you were writers of fan fiction, being that my blog is Fifty Shades fan fic. Any advice for aspiring writers like me? 

We always say to just keep writing. Everyone is short on time, everyone has too many things on their plate, everyone feels intimidated by the prospect of starting a book/story/new project. The only thing you have to do is WRITE. Even if you string a bunch of words together that feel like crap when you read them later, you’ve made progress. And when you get stuck: read. You’ll let your own well run dry if you don’t try to see the world through others’ eyes.


Okay ~ some fun questions:

If you could meet any fictional character from a favorite book, who would it be and why?

Hands down Joe Fontaine from THE SKY IS EVERYWHERE, Cassel from THE CURSE WORKERS series, a Warner and Adam sandwich from SHATTER ME, and throw in a little Soren from THE SIREN just to keep the night interesting.

Your Go-to comfort food

Lo: Comfort food? Hmmm, probably tater tots. So unhealthy but so delicious.

Christina: CHOCOLATE

Hugs or kisses?

Christina: Both!

Lo: A good kiss has both. 😉

Last movie you saw 

Lo: Oblivion. (Meh.)

Christina: The Hobbit

If I were on a deserted island, the three things I’d need are…..

Christina: My family, wifi, a boat

Lo: My family, water, paper

Big question: team Edward or team Jacob? 

Lo: Can I be Team Aro’s Creepy Laugh?

Christina: *pulls out Team Edward shirt*

(I just fell more in love with these ladies, FYI. Aro’s laugh? I will be tweeting Lo my favorite pic of creepy

Aro that kills me! And yes, I am a Twihard. Imprint my Asian butt Jacob.)

Will there be a book tour? And if so please visit Maryland !!! I make cupcakes as a business and want to gift you BB/BS- inspired cupcakes!! 

Stay tuned!! We are currently in the planning stage!