Evening GREYsessed readers! Happy Mothers Day to all you fun and fearless moms out there! I hope you were all treated like the queens you are~ you definitely deserve it!

So, I am sure you are wondering why there is another blog so soon. Well, I will cut to the chase and say that again there is no kink involved. That one will come out by the end of the week. I can hear the sighs of disappointment you kink lovers. I promise its coming!

The reason for this blog is to say that next month is my 1 year anniversary for “Color Me Greysessed!” I can’t believe it’s almost been a year. Never did I think this blog would mean so much to me and that it would reach so many people. I rarely check my stats anymore, it really isn’t an important part of the blogging process. Sure, in the beginning it was interesting to see if I’d get ANY readers, but now its a different story. However, I did happen to check when I updated my WordPress account. I was floored by the numbers from the last time I checked! It’s now at 109,000 visits in less than a year! I had a total GAH!!! moment for sure! And then shed a few tears…okay a lot!

You see, the last few years I have tried my best to live by “do what scares you.” Some examples have been completing a marathon, getting a tattoo, and yes, starting this blog. I remember when the idea came to me. Me? Write a blog? Who wants to read anything I have to say? I am not a trained writer (ha-it probably shows) and never claimed to be. Insert fear. That was what was stopping me from starting. Worrying too much what others think. Doubting my ability. Feeling vulnerable and exposed. But what I have learned from this year of blogging is that I have to write for myself, not for what I think others want. And like writing, life’s lessons are a work in progress. I have had my share of nasty comments and haters, but with that comes the good. Maybe even fabulous. It started out as a fun way to retell the stories that my friend, Kelly and I have experienced through our book obsessions. Then it just snowballed into writing Fifty Shades fan fiction and I thank EL James for all of that inspiration. She has not only inspired me, but has brought some beautiful people into my life because of her books. This includes all of my wonderful readers who have made this blog such a success.

I was sitting at the Taylor Swift concert last night and as she sang her song “Mean,” I got to thinking about life. (Yes, getting philosophical for a moment!) She was bullied in school for following her passion for singing, yet drove on to write songs that inspire others. I am no Taylor Swift, but I do understand the weight of words. I remember early on writing about this subject after someone had sent me an extremely hurtful message. The experience came flooding back while listening to her sing. I vowed to be more conscious of my words, not just with writing but in life. But it’s easy to lose sight of our morals and beliefs when our emotions are running high. Believe me, I know. I am far from perfect.

Another reason for this random blog post is like Taylor said last night, “write in the moment you are having certain feelings.” Well, feelings are being felt today for sure. Not going into details, but these last few months have been personally difficult. Today has been an emotional one for well, many reasons actually. But writing has become my happy place to go and fortunately or unfortunately, you have become my victims of that! I will share with you that a few months ago, I received a message from a reader who told me her husband had recently passed away, and my blog has helped her get through it. Perhaps I am doing something right. And it goes without say that the weight of her words will never be forgotten.

So I am sending a huge virtual hug to all of you who have made this first year one that I will never forget. Words cannot express how grateful I am for you and your kind words. I am working on some surprises for my one year anniversary next month! Stay beautiful! I love you all! Love & Laters©, Michele