Hello GREYsessed readers! I hope everyone had a wonderful and safe Memorial Day weekend! I wish I had some big Fifty Shades movie news to share. But it’s been pretty quiet in terms of any music talk. The only entertainment news I have is that Dana Brunetti was in my town last week. He comes into town once in a while to order cupcakes from me… kidding! The House of Cards is filming season 2 nearby and he was in town for business.

On another note, I just wanted to thank everyone for the truly sweet comments and messages from my last blog post. As I had mentioned, words have weight. And your words of love and support helped lift me out of my funk last week. Life has definitely handed me some big lessons to learn these past few weeks. I am just grateful for those who truly love me and always have my back no matter what. So again, thank you for your constant love and loyalty!

In case you missed it- check out my last two blogs. I had the opportunity to interview Katy Evans, the author of the mega-hit Real. Her new book, Mine, will hopefully be in our hands by fall 2013. So exciting! I also interviewed the dynamic duo Christina Lauren. They wrote the amazeballs  Beautiful Bastard and Beautiful Stranger. They are tons of fun and have numerous projects in the works, so go read about all these awesome authors!

And look out for some fun surprises coming next month for my 1 year anniversary of “Color Me Greysessed.” As always, Love & Laters©, Michele



It’s a warm but dreary day in Seattle. I have a ton of papers to put my signature to, but I can’t get my mind off of Ms. Steele. My Ana. Well, I think my Ana. We’ve only been back together for a short time but the sobering truth is that I am scared of losing her again. Those days without her were a dagger to my heart. Perhaps that’s what my black heart deserved. All I know is that I cannot lose her again. I died a million deaths without her and I will do whatever it takes to avoid that feeling again. I wonder what Ms. Steele is up to. I decide to email her with an idea.

From: Christian Grey

Subject: Impatient

Date: June 20 2011 10:14

To: Anastasia Steele

Miss Steele

Hope you are having a good day at work. I look forward to seeing you tonight. I have ideas.

ps. Thinking of you

Christian Grey

CEO, Grey Enterprises Holdings Inc.



I chuckle to myself as I hit send. Surely Miss Steele will take my mention of ideas as something sexual. I sit back in my black leather chair and wait for her response.

From: Anastasia Steele

Subject: Stow it

Date: June 20 2011 10:17

To: Christian Grey

Good Morning!

Ideas? Let me guess, you are going to buy SIP? Oh wait, you already have;)

Ana x


My phone buzzes and I open the email immediately. Oh, I am going to smack that smart ass of yours, Miss Steele. Does she not realize my need to protect what’s mine? I hope that the winky face insinuates that she is at least a bit over the fact that I bought the company that she works for. Fucking Jack Hyde. The thought of him instantly boils my blood. Fuck him. I have his balls in my back pocket now. I think I’ll have fun instead with my Ana.

From: Christian Grey

Subject: Begging

Date: June 20 2011 10:22

To: Anastasia Steele

Have you bought a gown for fundraiser next week? My idea was to take you shopping. I know it’s not your favorite thing to do but I think I could make it…. interesting.

Oh, and there will be begging.

Christian Grey

CEO, and the ultimate consumer, Grey Enterprises Holdings Inc.



Let’s see what Miss Smarty Pants has to say about that proposition. I can feel myself getting hard at the thoughts now running through my head. Shit. It’s only a little after ten in the morning. This day is already dragging and now that I am craving for Ana it’s really going to drag. My phone buzzes and I know who it is.

From: Anastasia Steele

Subject: Consumerism Gone Mad

Date: June 20 2011 10:26

To: Christian Grey

I see your ultimate consumer tendencies are showing again. Because I never say no to an interesting idea, I will accompany you. Plus begging is my specialty;)

Ana xx



Thoughts of her begging to come has me hard as ever. Fuck. I don’t do well at waiting. For anything. I recall the first time I had her beg. Whispering in her ear to ask permission. Her flushed skin at my words. Those blue eyes that widened ever so slightly when I said, “Tell me you want to come.” I had her on the edge of coming and she knew there was no going back. Then when she moaned out, “Christian, please,” it sang to my inner darkness. Damn it! I can’t wait. I make a few phone calls then send a quick email to Ana.

From: Christian Grey

Subject: Now

Date: June 20 2011 10:30

To: Anastasia Steele

Tell Jack you are not feeling well. I’ll be outside to pick you up in 20.

I need your begging now.

You. Are. Mine.

Christian Grey

CEO & impatient, Grey Enterprises Holdings Inc.


I shut down my Mac and text Taylor to bring the car around to pick me up. Game on Miss Steele.


You really are quite bossy, Mr. Grey,” Ana says as she slides into the back seat of the Audi.

Jack wasn’t pleased at all by my sudden migraine.”

He can kiss my ass,” I growl back at her. “Now come here Miss Steele.” I gesture for her to move closer to me as we start to drive. She slides closer to me and I take her face in my hands. Gently I kiss her soft lips. She moans in my mouth and immediately I am hard for her. I place my hand on her thigh and I feel her body shutter at my touch. Slowly I inch my way up her leg until I reach the edge of her light blue dress. I stop kissing her and turn to talk to Taylor.

The Neiman Marcus store, Taylor,” I say as I swiftly move my hand under her dress and cup her sex. Fuck. Wet as always Miss Steele. I keep myself composed even though I want to turn and bury my face in her wetness. “Please call Personal Shopping and let them know we are on the way.”

Yes, boss,” Taylor responds and hits a button on the dashboard to phone the department store.

I keep facing forward with my hand still under her dress. Ever so slightly, I move my middle finger and caress the outside of her damp panties. Her body jerks as she looks to me. I continue to look ahead but wink at her as she gives me the “what the fuck” look. Taylor is now speaking on the phone and not paying attention to us. I take the opportunity to move my hand under her panties. Holy shit. I glance over at her nonchalantly as I feel the pool of wetness in my hand. My finger finds her hard clit and I press my finger against it. She responds by burying her head into me. I can feel her warm breath against me. Fuck, I may be the one begging in a minute.


I continue to stroke her clit slowly. Her breath quickening with every touch. She wraps her arms around me and I know she is close to coming. I lean into her head and whisper, “Beg. Beg to come baby.”

I feel her head move back and forth. Is she shaking her head no? I whisper again, “Beg.” Again her head shakes. Is she fucking kidding me right now? I stroke her wet clit one more time. Hard. Then swiftly remove my hand and place it back on her thigh. Her head pops up from my side and she looks at me intently. I just grin as I continue to look out the front window.


Oh look, we are here,” I announce. “Perfect timing.” I smile at Ana and she gives me her best stink eye. “This is going to be fun. You’ll be BEGGING to buy everything.” Damn you are cruel Grey.

Taylor stops in front of the huge department store to let us out.

I’ll text you when we are ready,” I tell him as we get out of the Audi. I grab hold of Ana’s hand and we make our way into the store.

It’s lovely to see you Mr. Grey.” 

Lovely to see you Caroline,” I say then kiss her on the cheek. “This is Miss Anastasia Steele. She’s the woman you have done some shopping for already.”

It’s nice to meet you,” Ana says and shakes her hand.

It’s wonderful to finally meet you Miss Steele. We have some dresses picked out for you already. May I show you the dressing room?”

We are good, Caroline. If you don’t mind, we’d like some privacy,” I say to her.

Oh, of course Mr. Grey. You have my phone number. Just text me if you need help with anything. We have closed off all the dressing rooms in this section for your complete privacy.”

Thank you Caroline. We appreciate your discretion, as always.” I smile at her and I can see she’s blushing. Sometimes being me does have it’s perks I suppose. She turns and walks back into the main area of the store.

I look over at Ana. “So, shall we see about these dresses or shall I spank you for not begging in the car?”

She looks stunned at my question.

Christian…I…I…couldn’t,” she fumbles her words. “I couldn’t say anything in the car. It took everything out of me to be quiet. If I would’ve opened my mouth, I’m not sure what would’ve come out.” Her face looks desperate. Oh my Ana.

I lean down and kiss her forehead. “It’s okay. You will beg for me now. Because I know you are soaking wet and wanting to come.” I watch as she does that look-to-the-side thing and smirks. Like she’s got a secret or something. I take her hand and lead her to the large dressing room. The walls are all mirrored with a plush cream-colored ottoman in the middle of the room. A large crystal chandelier hangs from the ceiling. There’s a rack of gowns hanging to the left.


You’re quiet. Is this okay with you?” I ask Ana.

Yes, I’m just nervous about being you know… in public.”

Don’t be. You’re with me. And I always protect what’s mine. Now out of those clothes so I can taste what’s in those panties.”

to be continued….. part 2 is already half done! It’s coming soon!! xo