Hey there GREYsessed readers! You are in for a lucky treat (hopefully) with not one, but two blogs this week. Due to popular and twitching demands, I am getting out part 2 for my lovely readers. And you will be shocked to know that I am writing this at 1 pm, as in the sun is out 1 pm. I am usually writing this blog at 12, 1, 2 sometimes 3 in the morning. So it will be interesting to see if my writing is better or worse at this time of day. If my kink does not bring the shamwow, tingles, or pudding pants please direct your complaints to my secretary;) Enjoy! Love & Laters©, Michele


Ana’s mouth gapes open at my words. I study her as she stands before me in the over-sized dressing room. Her face now a shade of pale pink from blushing, is so innocent looking to the naked eye. She’s exquisite. But I know what lies beneath the surface. And it all belongs to me.

“I am guessing by the way you are biting that lip Miss Steele, you are inviting me to devour you sooner than later.” I lower my gaze and drink her in as I wait for her reaction. She tucks a few strands of her mahogany hair behind her ear. She pauses for a brief moment then reaches behind to unzip her dress.


“Allow me,” I say as I move closer to her. She turns her back to me and is now facing the mirrored wall.

“Thank you,” she whispers.

“My pleasure, as always,” I whisper into her ear as I slowly lower the zipper. I lower my mouth to her shoulder and slowly kiss her soft skin as I place a finger under the strap of her dress.


“Look at yourself, Ana.” I look into the mirror in front of us. Our eyes meet and the rhythm of our heavy breathing becomes one. I lower the strap of her dress, then the other, while keeping my eyes locked on hers in the mirror. The dress falls to the floor and she is left standing in just her lace blue panties.


“No bra? I like it.” I reach around and place my hands on her breasts. She lets out a moan as my fingers massage her nipples.

“Mine,” I whisper.

“Yours,” she breathes back.

“Good girl.” I lower my hands to her panties and rip them off in one swift move. Ana’s mouth drops open as she stands in front of me speechless. And pantie-less. “Hands on the mirror, legs spread baby.”

Let’s make her beg. She takes a few steps forward and places her hands against the spotless mirror.


Wider,” I command as I gaze at her in the mirror. She spreads her legs so that they are shoulder width apart. “Now that’s a view I could look at all day.”

I move towards her and place my hands on her waist. Bending down, I start kissing her back. Slowly I make my way down, leaving a trail of light kisses as I reach her bottom. I feel her body jerk as I swirl my tongue against the skin of her right cheek. I grab her waist tighter to hold her in place then move to her other ass cheek. “Aaah,” she moans softly, her face against the mirror. I stand so that I can bring my right hand down to her center and cup her wetness. She’s practically dripping. Holy fuck Ana.

Christian…oh god,” she whimpers as I insert two fingers into her. I watch in the mirror as I slowly move my fingers in and out of her.

Eyes on me,” I command. She opens her eyes and we lock gazes in the mirror. I increase the speed of my fingers and watch her start to come undone in front of me. I take my other hand off her waist and slap her bottom. She moans out and I give her another slap. “You like?” I breath into her ear. She shakes her head yes. Good. Time to beg baby.


I reach around and bring my hand to her soaked clit. “We don’t have a lot of time. So before I fuck you senseless against this mirror, I need you to beg me to come. Understood?” She shakes her head while breathing heavy against the mirror.

She presses her lips together, trying to stifle her moan as I increase the pressure on her clit and my fingers still thrusting in and out of her. I can feel her body starting to clench around me and I know she is almost there.


Beg Ana.”

Please,” she mutters.

Please what?” I watch as she is struggling to stand. Her hands grasping at the glass for stability.

Don’t you dare come yet.”


Pl…. please,” she groans out. “Please…make me come.”

That’s my girl,” I whisper and then thrust my fingers back and forth inside her, hitting that spot. Her body convulses as she comes all over my hand. I kiss her neck, suddenly aware of my own heavy breathing.

I release my fingers from inside her and bring them up to her mouth. “Taste how sweet you are,” I say as I hold them up in front of her. She opens her mouth and takes them in. Holy fuck. She swirls her tongue around my fingers.

Mmm…” She moans as she starts sucking on my hand. The hardness in my pants is starting to become unbearable as I watch her tongue ride up and down my fingers. Shit. I need to be inside her. Now.


I pull my fingers away from her. “On your knees,” I order as I point towards the plush ottoman in the middle of the dressing room. “I am going to fuck you now.”

Part 3- coming soon;) xoxo