Hello GREYsessed readers! Well, it’s official-Color Me Greysessed has turned 1! I have waited on blogging because I am working on some surprises which are yet to come. So by the end of the month, I will post another blog with a few surprises or two!


Right now I do have some good news! A date has been set for the “Fifty Shades-1 Year Laters” show with Seattle Wave Radio and host Lori Ness. It will take place on July 7th at 1 pm EST. Now is your chance to hear my faded Jersey accent and put a voice to the face! I am not sure if that’s a good or bad thing! Anyways, the show will be two hours of fun, friends, and all things Fifty. The lovely Lisa from Fifty Shades Montage will help to co-host the event. Becca Battoe, the voice on the audio version of Fifty Shades will be on the show as well as Allison, the creator of the Fifty Shades Soiree set to happen in the near future. There will also be some exciting giveaways and some surprises so definitely tune in to get your Fifty Shades fix! You can follow the radio show on Twitter at @4SeattleMusic and Lori at @iguestinfo. I will send out a blog and tweet a day or two beforehand to remind everyone!


In other Fifty Shades news, who saw the picture that Ms. James tweeted yesterday? It was a picture of Universal Studios. The only commentary on her tweet was a 🙂 <—-can you say tease? One can only assume that the queen of kink was headed there for something movie related. Afterwards Dana Brunetti also tweeted a picture of the Universal sign. Oh, the sweet torture! It’s very Fifty Shades isn’t it?

Okay, one last thing before I get down and dirty with the kink! I am posting a few pictures from Color Me Greysessed’s first year. I want to send out the hugest heartfelt thank you to all of you. Whether you’ve been following me from the beginning or you just started reading it yesterday, I am truly grateful for each and every one of you. To know that I have brought some sort of smile, laugh, or tingle to you brings a tear to my eye. A special thank you to the one and only E L James, for without her books, none of this would be possible. I admire her grace, beauty, and words of kink! I doubt she reads this blog, but if you are Ms. James- I love you like Christian loves a good spanking!


Yes, I am fully aware that this picture of me is terrible. Let’s be reminded that it was March and pretty chilly. Cold weather clothes trumps pretty sometimes. But hey, we found the mothership, aka the Escala. And yes, I have said it before, I licked it and I liked it! Best trip ever!


For you Twilight fans (I know there are some closet ones), we also went to LaPush and Forks during our Seattle trip. Here’s a replica of Jacob’s house, which you can rent and stay in! Three words: Imprint me Jakey!


Again, not the prettiest picture because it’s a screen shot from a video. This is Kelly and I going to meet the queen herself, E L James! I am way more excited than I actually look here!!!!


See, more excited:)


Presenting Ms. James with 50 shades-inspired cupcakes! She in turn called us “mad” which in my mind translated

to “you are my biggest fan. I love you so much.”

Fall 2012 I got to meet the Fifty Shades movie producer, Dana Brunetti. He came to Smallville, USA to pick up

cupcakes that I made for him! Super nice guy and still holding out on getting that token Asian part from him!


Another Fall 2012 highlight- The Katie Show with E L James! Not only did I get to go to the taping,  also met a few

of my Twitterbesties for the first time including the gals from Laters Baby and Fifty Shades Source.


Yes that distorted, taken from the tv set picture is me! And next to me is my awesome friend Lisa who flew out from Seattle for 24 hours just to meet E L James at the show!

Out in Little Italy during our NYC trip. That’s Kelly, Linda, and Lisa with me! Great girls, great fun, great wine at dinner:)


Yep, I hear you.. another horrible picture. This one is screen shot from yes, YouTube. And no, I am not telling you where to find it. I will say I had the privilege of being interviewed during the Katie Show while waiting in the green room.

For some reason, I do not have a picture of meeting E L for the second time at the Katie Show. But I will say the second time around was even sweeter! It may be because she knew who I was! “Oh, you’re bale4fifty on twitter!” Why yes, I am! I love stalking…errr seeing you on twitter Ms. James. And to sweeten the deal, we all got “Laters, baby” pins from her that were set aside just for us Fifty freaks!!!


Must include this picture because if you ever make it to Seattle, you have to go to the Seattle Cinerama Theatre. It will spoil you to the point of no return. If it’s not the plush red velvet seating, then it will definitely be the chocolate-covered popcorn! Yes, I said it! It was to die for. It is not messy at all like you are thinking. Well, it’s messy when you are shoveling it in your mouth and dropping it down your shirt like I did. But it is totally just …. GAH!!!!! YOU MUST GO!!!


I must also mention that I have had the extreme privilege to interview some amazing authors this year. Katy Evans, author of REAL who has her follow-up book, MINE, coming out soon!!! She is lovely and incredibly talented! Thanks Katy!


And I also interviewed the amazeballs duo Christina Lauren! Love these ladies and their books, BEAUTIFUL BASTARD and BEAUTIFUL STRANGER!!! Look for BEAUTIFUL BITCH, coming this July! I’ll say it for you- GAH!!!! Thanks ladies!



Go read these interviews if you haven’t already! They truly are a bunch of talented gems!


I hope you enjoyed those pictures. It definitely brought a smile to my face remembering all those good times this past year. With the movie yet to come, I am hoping for another year of Fifty Shades-inspired memories. And now on to other topics. For those of you who personally know me, you know that what you see is what you get. I have been going through various personal trials these past few months, with my integrity and character being questioned. I don’t want to go into details but please know this- I am just a girl with a passion for life. When I love someone or something, I love hard. There’s no other way for me. I have always had the motto “Go Big or Go Home”. And that sometimes the impossible is possible. I cannot control what others think of me and somehow I have got to learn to not be hurt by it. In my heart I know I am a good person. I am beyond blessed with people who have stuck by me through the good and bad times. With that said, I know I am by no means a person without fault. I have made mistakes. I have spoken before thinking. I am human. I am a girl who sits here in tears because I am over emotional. When my friends hurt, I hurt. And when they are happy, I am even happier.

This past year has taught me many things. That my simple blog can bring me great joy. That a kind word goes farther than words of hate.  That my friends are my family and I love the new ones I have made yet sit with a broken heart over the ones I have lost. So again, thank you for being there with me during this wonderful journey. I don’t know what the future holds, but I hope that you will be there for the ride! I ask you one thing of you today before I conclude this overly long and maybe depressing stream of consciousness. Make someone smile today. Whether it be a loved one or a random stranger. I say this because we are all struggling through life in one way or another. And I have found that a simple act of kindness can make someone’s day. I love you all. Love & Laters©, Michele


One of my favorite movies and a true believer in that quote. And hefty bags.


50 Shades of Begging-part 3


“I am going to fuck you now.” I lower my gaze at her then direct my eyes to the ottoman. “Now,” I command. “Or is it a spanking you’re looking for?” Her eyes widen at my words. Not the time for deer in the headlights. She turns and gets down on her knees, lying across the cream colored ottoman. “Good girl.” Quickly I undo my bulging pants and let them fall around my feet.  Quickly I kick off my shoes and pants, knowing we are pressed for time.

You are a sight Ms. Steele,” I whisper against her bare back as I slowly trace my fingers down her spine. She looks deliciously fuckable lying face down against the velvet fabric. Her long mahogany hair is a beautiful contrast to the cream color.

Aah,” she moans into the ottoman as my fingers reach her bottom. I spread her legs wider and position myself behind her. Holding myself in my hand, I rub against her entrance. Her body quivers at my touch and she lets out a gasp.


Do you want me inside you?” I ask as I rub harder but denying her entrance. She shakes her head yes. Ever so slightly, I push into her and she moans quietly. Obviously she is trying to be quiet. Let’s see if I can challenge that quiet mouth. I push deeper and as she moans I pull out. Her head whips around like a scene from the Exorcist.

Beg,” I whisper with total conviction. She looks at me like a kid that just got her ice cream cone stolen from her. It’s fucking adorable. I bridle my thoughts before they get out of control and I let this go too far. “Beg me to fuck you.”

Fuck me,” she whimpers. “Please Christian. Now.” I watch her hands grip the rounded edges of the ottoman as she begs. Impressive. She’s really begging. And the realization of this sets my desire for her on fire, as if that were even possible. The urge for her overwhelms me in this moment. Knowing she wants this just as much as I do. I can see and feel her hunger for me.


That’s my girl,” I whisper and thrust deep and hard into her. I grab her by the hips and pull her into me. Holy shit she feels good. I run my teeth along her back as I slide in and out of her.

Please. Faster,” she murmurs.

Fuck Ana,” I growl as I thrust faster and deeper into her. I feel her start to tighten around me and I know she is climbing quickly to orgasm. I reach around and find her swollen clit. I can feel myself starting to get there as well and I want her to come first.

Yes..oh god,” she cries out as I massage her wet clit. I feel her come around me and I take both hands and grab onto her hips. I pull her up off the floor from her kneeling position and suspend her in the air as I drive into her. With a few more thrusts, I come hard. I lower her back down and collapse on top of her, both of us breathing heavy.

I play with her soft hair, bringing it to my face so I can inhale her scent. Her hair always smells like a perfect spring day. I kiss the small of her back and she lets out a giggle. Does she know what that laugh does to me? Every time. “Something funny, Miss Steele?”

Other than the obvious, I must mention the slight humor of watching me become airborne in the mirror,” she says with another giggle.

Oh, it was funny?”Why am I feeling defensive? Stop it Grey.


No, not funny, funny,” she quickly responds. “It was amazing as always. It just took me by surprise is all.” She seems nervous. Damn it.

I see. Well, you are an easy one to control,” I say with a wink. She smiles back and I think I’ve calmed her nerves. We are still working on understanding each other and I know I still make her uncomfortable with all of…me.

As much as I’d like to take you again on this ottoman, or perhaps another Top Gun flying moment with you, we’ve got to clean up and get you a dress Miss Steele.” I stand up and reach for my clothes. I look at her in the floor length mirror. She looks beautiful just lying on the ottoman, freshly fucked. Our eyes meet in the mirror and she smiles. I’d give anything to see that smile forever. We must work on that Grey.


Right. A dress. I almost forgot,” she says as she stands up and looks around for her clothes. “How about that long silver number hanging over there,” she says pointing to the rack of designer dresses. “The grayness of it speaks to me,” she says with a smile. Perfection.

Yes Miss Steele, that dress will do. It will go perfectly with the silver balls you’ll be wearing.” And we’ve got another deer in the headlights.


Yes that was short and sweet. But sometimes the kink is:) Promise a longer kinkfest next time. To be continued…xoxo