Hello my GREYsessed readers! I hope you are all having a great week thus far!  In case you haven’t noticed, I have been changing things up a bit here with interviews and reviews of your favorite authors. Twitter has been a wonderful catalyst for hearing about new books and having communication with these amazing writers. I hope that you are liking this new element to the blog! It is a true blessing for me and I am grateful for these opportunities. I am so excited to share this next interview with all of you! This writer is fun, talented, and super sexy! But first, I’d like to share this week’s Fifty Shades news with you. It’s been an exciting past week with the director for the Fifty Shades movie being announced. Sam Taylor-Johnson, a British director has been selected for the coveted job and recently released a statement stating “I am excited to be charged with the evolution of Fifty Shades of Grey from page to screen…For the legions of fans, I want to say that I will honor the power of Erika’s book and the characters of Christian and Anastasia. They are under my skin too.” Point well said, Ms. Taylor-Johnson. And the rumor mill has been squashed that her husband, actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson will play the lead as Christian per his publicist.
50directorIn other Fifty Shades happenings, E L James has been cruising the streets of LA in you guessed it… an Audi R8! Several pictures were tweeted this weekend of Ms. James looking the part of Anastasia as she cruised with the top down. She and Dana Brunetti seemed to be having way too much fun, all while trying to keep her on the right side of the road!  BNfuCP5CUAAr1WN

Seriously, can she look any happier? Or cuter?


Team Fifty in the R8!


And speaking of our producer, Dana Brunetti, he had a celebrity-packed party at his home this weekend to celebrate his 40th birthday! Sugar Ray Leonard, Heather Graham, Peter Fonda, Moby, Jaime King were in attendance. But the real star of the party, besides the birthday boy of course, was E L James! Going by Dana’s tweets, it sounds like it was a party not to be missed. And speaking of missing, where was my invite? Hmm… I’ll forgive Dana as long as I am still in the running for the token Asian part in the movie! My belief is if I keep mentioning it, someone will take pity on me and say, “Someone put the egg roll in the movie so she stops blogging about it!” Just stick in the corner at the cafe where Christian and Ana have coffee. I will sit there and tweet while drinking a latte. All who know me can attest that I am a tweeter of Oscar-worthy epicness!!



Please see the two blogs prior to this one for all the details! It is surely a show not to be missed by any Fifty Shades fan! And remember, there is a surprise to be revealed that I don’t even know about-GAH!!



***And now ladies and gentlemen*** (yes, I have several gentlemen readers), I hope you enjoy this interview with one of my favorite people on Twitter- Robert India aka @eroticrobert ! Not familiar with Robert? If I had to describe him in three words they would be sexy, sassy, and salacious. If I was given a fourth it would be smart, but salacious works better! Robert is from Dublin, Ireland who writes stories about his many sexual adventurous. He says that sex “should be passionate, intense, sweaty, dirty and fun and a no-holds barred affair!” Sounds good to me!


His art for writing brings the reader into his world that includes gay, straight, and everything in between. All of your senses are tantalized, as he brings you along for the umm…ride. You’ll be laughing one minute, horny the next, then blushing at the erotic chemistry between he and houseguest. Don’t know who houseguest is? Well then I suggest you jump on Amazon and purchase his books- Svetlana in Heels is my personal favorite. Holy hot foot action!

In addition to the books, there is an entire buffet of Robert available! You can follow him on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and sign up for his blog through email! Yes, Robert delivered right to your mailbox free of shipping charges!

I loved learning more about this very gifted author and I hope you will too! Enjoy the interview with this funny, flirty, and my favorite rugby loving friend! 

p.s.- the kink is coming next blog… yes, I hear the boo’s! If you need it that bad-download Robert’s books;)  Love & Laters©, Michele

 Robert India… in his own words:
What got you interested in writing? Actually, it was a rather demented woman…she loves my sense of humor. So I though, screw it! The world needs to know Robert India!
What was the first piece of erotica you read?  Hmmm, I seem to remember reading some gay short stories as a teenager, they were full of hot sex. In the days before pornoweb. Do you remember that time? Now it’s all fake boobs, ugly men with huge cocks. Back then it was wherever your mind’s eye could take you. (and this is why I love you Robert… honesty with a splash of humor!)
Can you describe your relationship with HG in three words? (HG is short for Houseguest, Robert’s significant other and subject of a lot of his stories) intense, dangerous, enslaving
Is the persona in your blog and on Twitter how you truly are in real life? Yes, but with all the boring bits left out. Who wants to hear about me going to do my shopping? Well, unless I’m shopping for sexy stuff! You could say I’m a crazy guy, but you only live once and I intend to live.
What’s a normal day in the life of Robert India? Up at 6:30 am everyday, office by 8ish. Then a busy day flirting with my colleagues. I like to hit the gym after lunch. My evenings I spend thinking of ways to sexually torment Houseguest. She needs a lot of taming.
You write about all forms of sexual fantasies. Are a lot of these from personal experiences? No worries, I won’t ask for names of your victims, LOL;) I ‘m afraid so. I’m a bit of a sexual experience junkie, which has got me in a lot of trouble. But I can’t help it, I like to try new stuff and have fun! Most people have had crazy and funny sexual experiences. They make the best writing material. I once broke a rib falling off the bed. I had to blame it on a rugby injury!
You are quite the presence on Twitter. Is there something you can tell your fans (and stalkers LOL) something that they don’t know about you? (My blog is kinky so feel free to get down and dirty!) M, you are a temptress. Do people know I have a PA? I had it done when I was at university. It gives me the most intense orgasms and it gives women one hell of a good ride! *PA is a type of penis piercing. Yes, my first thought was ouch followed by ooh;)
Your books are sexy and seductive. Any scenario in them that you haven’t tried but would like to? Hmmmm, I may have done quite a few things. All I’m saying is be very careful with hotel ice! My mind is full of filthy fantasies. Though there are still plenty of things I have not done. I quite regularly fantasize about you! So, how about it? You, me, and a tub of ice cream. BTW, what shoe size are you?  Today’s regularly scheduled interview is temporarily put on hold while I go have a moment!
Okay we are back! So, how long have you and houseguest been together? Any chance of marriage? Two years, I’m already wearing a ring! (I am NOT going to ask to specify that one!)
Can you give us any insight on future projects for you? There is a bi love triangle novel that I am working on. It will see the light of day in the winter. It will be full of hot sex but I think it will also be quite eye-opening. The story explores themes around jealousy, sharing, sacrifices, and self-destructive sexual interests.
You are doing a book signing in the States this summer. Most of us are only familiar with “the body” that is Robert India. How do you feel about being totally exposed? Meaning your face! Totally, it will be a bit nerve-wracking. When you are “headless”, people fall in love with an idea. Will the reality fit with the idea they have of me? Maybe, maybe not. Either way, it will be a ride! I hope to see you there!  I would be honored to meet you and your head;)
What advice can you give aspiring writers like myself? Believe in yourself and do your thing, your way! Way too many are doing 50 Shades pastiches. They are all lost in the noise. You have to do your own thing. Express who you are and let people come to you.
It’s hard to be unique in a profession where there seems to be so much competition to be seen and read. You’ve done this with class and wit, yet you seem to have stayed true to you. In an era of ebooks, there is a little bit of everything out there. I agree, you have to be unique. Easier said than done…but I think you have to write what you enjoy and hope that other people are on your wavelength.
Is it hard to stay grounded? Very, I am totally up my hole. And as we know, its way more fun when other guys are up your hole.Point well made, Mr. India. (Yes, I am laughing right now.)
Okay, time for some fun and silly questions!
  • Favorite book? 1984
  • If you could meet one celebrity, who would it be? Christian Bale. Ride! (I love you even more Robert!)
  • Your go-to comfort food pizza
  • Hugs or kisses or….. Kisses in a particular place…
  • Biggest turn on Sexy feet on a sexy lady
  • Who cooks? You or HG? Together, in between kissing…
  • Biggest male crush  Batman aka Christian Bale! (we can share him!)
  • Biggest female crush (besides me)  Julia Roberts and you, with me and Houseguest in a foursome! I am now debating on publishing this or not;)
  • Any siblings? Four
  • Three things you’d take if stranded on an island  Dildo, solar-powered LW radio, riding crop
  • Where do you see yourself in five years?  On top of the world!
  • Tell us your most embarrassing sexual experience (come on..please!) I got too excited and misfired before the party had really begun. A certain lady was less than impressed! I blame her hotness!

Thank you Robert for letting us get to know you better! You are definitely in a class all by yourself and I mean that in the most sincere and kind way! You have always been a delight to follow on Twitter, and I am blessed to call you my friend! Continued success in all that you do! If I make it out to California, I think a face to face interview is in order! Love and kisses to you!! xoxo



Twitter: @eroticrobert


@robertspanksass <<< gotta love you, Robert!