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And now I give you…… The Bitch…. Beautiful Bitch to be exact! The smoking novella from Christina Lauren that picks up from where Beautiful Bastard left off. 




Smexy. Smoking. Salacious. Yes, this book delivers the hotness factor. Written from both Chloe and Bennett’s POV, we get to witness their insight and emotions as they continue their lustful battle of wills and embark on the next chapter of their relationship.

Just as their romance is taking off, so is Chloe’s career. This leaves little room for any hot rendezvous that Bennett would like to see happen. Preferably anywhere, anytime. But don’t fret my smutty-loving pets, there is more than enough crotchCUMbustion moments and one line zingers.

I want you on your knees on my bed. I want you sweaty and begging. I want you wet enough to drink from.”

Ummm…..where was I? Oh, right. Lots of “moments.” Since we are on the subject I’ll give you one more . Or two. Since I felt the need to highlight them in my book, I might as well share.

“Don’t pull away. You’re not done yet. Not even fucking close. Give me another.”

Makes you want it, right? The book I mean. Well, you won’t be disappointed. You’ll just be begging for more, which Bennett likes! But what I truly love about Christina Lauren is how they give such insight and character development to their stories. Writing from both POV’s allows the reader to truly feel the angst, love, and craving that both Chloe and Bennett experience. Add in flashbacks intertwined with the present day story and you are totally immersed in their story. A story that is much deeper than their fuck-hating turned lovemaking. You feel their frustration as each of them struggle to make their relationship work without losing themselves. Their foreplay and anticipation will have you feeling just as cock blocked as Bennett. And their sassy and smart ass chemistry is as funny and sharp as ever. I don’t want to give too much away, but some of Chloe’s comebacks will have you bowing to the bitch. Available July 9th everywhere! Go get your Bitch on!!!


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Thank you Christina and Lauren for allowing me to read this gem. You have proven once again that you can deliver a story filled with love, laughs, and loads of crotchCUMbustion moments! I am looking forward to reading Beautiful Player this October! Continued success in all you do! Xoxo