Hello GREYsessed readers! Well, yesterday was August 1, 2013 and it came and went without any Fifty Shades casting news. Did any of you think there was going to be an announcement on this particular date like me? I had my phone with me all day. Well, it’s always with me but I was on hyper-alert mode! So fingers, toes, and every other body part crossed that the announcement is soon. It’s officially less than one year away so we know its coming…or cuming;)

In other news, did you all catch my second appearance on the radio with Lori Ness and Seattle Wave Radio? I was fortunate enough to be asked back (probably to redeem myself after flailing over E L James!) and I am happy to report that it was in fact a no flail appearance. If you haven’t listened yet, please do here:http://t.co/fU1TdE6c6h  Lori is wonderful at what she does and her shows are really entertaining! I am hoping to guest co-host with her next month and hopefully by then we can talk all about the newly casting Christian Grey! GAH!!!!!!

I just want to say congrats again to the two winners of the Beautiful Bitch signed book giveaway! The great news is that Beautiful Bombshell is coming in September, so you can be sure there will be another book giveaway! Plus, I have book review and interviews set up with authors Monica Murphy, Cyndi Tefft, and others, so there is a lot of fun interviews and giveaways to be had! And a huge kiss and hug to Christina Lauren and their wonderful publishing company, Simon & Schuster for their continued support! If you haven’t read any of the Beautiful Bastard series yet, get to it!

And while I am on the subject of authors, I would like to quickly clear up some “rumors” going around. For starters, I have read each and every book that I have reviewed on my blog. My reviews are honest, truthful, and written by me and me alone. Life gets in the way of me being the first to read every new release book, but I do love reading. HELLO- my blog is based on a book trilogy! I am one of those readers that if I get sucked in to a book, I must put life on hold to read it in one sitting. I read the Fifty Shades trilogy in two days and it was well worth the book hangover. Who doesn’t right?

But just because I haven’t read every book written by an author, that doesn’t mean I can’t totally fangirl over them. Alice Clayton is one example. I have not gotten to every one of her books, but damn that woman makes me laugh on twitter. And she happens to follow little old me on there, as do a lot of other amazing writers. Why bring this up? I guess I feel the need to defend myself. I am not one for putting on airs. What you see is what you get. And honestly, its my blog- so why not say what’s been on my mind for months now. With that off my chest, I’d like to send out a big huge cyber hug to all of my loyal followers who continue to inspire, and fill me with love! Nothing makes me happier than hearing you enjoy reading my random thoughts and kinkspiration! And speaking of kink….here you go! Love & Laters©, Michele xo



Over a month. In fact, well over a month since I’ve had my way with Ana. Shit. Over a month? Damn it. Sure, we’ve had sex. But not sex, sex. It’s been more be-quiet-so-we-don’t-wake-the-baby sex versus give-it-to-me-baby sex. I stare at the huge plant in the corner of my office as I remember the night of my birthday. Ana had a stripper pole installed in the Red Room and my last request was that we partake in some public sex. Unfortunately, Teddy had other plans and came down with a fever. Rain check on doing it in the rain.

I do my best to get back to running my business but my urges are getting the best of me today. I have been trying not to pressure Ana about the sex thing, being we have other priorities as parents now. I stare down at our wedding photo that sits on my desk. I pick up the silver frame to get a closer look. Oh yes, baby. You are mine tonight. I send a quick text to Grace and then email Ana.

From: Christian Grey

Subject: Let’s Misbehave

Date: August 3, 2013 09:36

To: Anastasia Grey

Good Morning.

See the above subject matter.

Christian Grey

CEO, Grey Enterprises Holdings Inc.



I hit send and hope for the best. My mind starts to awaken as a plethora of ideas fill my head. Yes. I like the way you are thinking now Grey. I smile at myself. You are still a kinky mother fucker. I look at my phone and see there’s an email waiting for me.

From: Anastasia Grey

Subject: Child’s Play

Date: August 3, 2013 09:38

To: Christian Grey

Good morning dear husband. Misbehave? As in throwing food like Teddy? Or maybe you’d like draw all over the walls with a pencil left out by accident? Sounds sexy…..

Ana xx



I scowl at my phone. You just bought yourself a spanking for that response Mrs. Grey. My hand is suddenly feeling twitchy. She will throb at the word misbehave every time she hears it after I have my way with her.

From: Christian Grey

Subject: Sharpen My Pencil

Date: August 3, 2013 09:40

To: Anastasia Grey

I see that you have mommy duties on the brain this morning. So I will explain MISBEHAVE to you. By misbehave I mean that you can take my pencil and insert it into your pencil sharpener. In other words: YOU. ARE. MINE.

Christian Grey

CEO, and your favorite #2 pencil, Grey Enterprises Holdings Inc.


Wow. We have been reduced to speaking in writing utensil metaphors. Take away my key to the Red Room if I start quoting Dora the fucking Explorer. I watch my computer switch to my screen saver. Teddy’s adorable face now stares back at me. I love  you kid, but Daddy needs some tonight. Parental guilt starts to seep in and I quickly shut my laptop. My phone dings and I see that Grace has texted me back. Excellent. Grandma to the rescue. I open the waiting email on my phone. I stare at the picture attached. Okay, my wife fucking rocks.

From: Anastasia Grey


Date: August 3, 2013 09:43

To: Christian Grey

So by pencil sharpener you mean this?


Oh, and just so you know- I like to color outside the lines. Way outside the lines.

Ana xx



I can’t even contain the grin on my face and the hard on in my pants. This. This sexy banter I have missed. And I am relieved and elated that we still have it. An idea pops into my head and I quickly send another email.

From: Christian Grey

Subject: YES THAT

Date: August 3, 2013 09:47

To: Anastasia Grey

Just WOW.

Meet me at Volunteer Park at 6. My pencil will be nice and sharpened for you.

Christian Grey

CEO and full of lead, Grey Enterprises Holdings Inc



Fuck. Now I have to get through this work day. This may go down as the longest day in history.

I email Ana and tell her to get out of work by noon. There is no way in hell I can wait eight plus hours to see her. Plus I doubt this hard on will stay at bay that long either.




I pull up to the park. It’s a usual overcast day today with a high chance of rain, which explains the emptiness of the park. Perfect. This has always been one of my favorite parks to frequent, especially when I need space to just clear my head. Its 45 acre landscaping is beautiful with gracious old trees and foliage. I would love to show Ana a good time in the Water Tower but I’ll save that for another time. Or maybe the Conservatory. Ah, the Asian Art Museum perhaps? Don’t get ahead of yourself Grey. This meeting was a month in the making. I peer out the Audi window and see the Space Needle in the distance. Droplets of rain start to hit the windshield. Even better. I grab my phone and send Ana a quick text.

***Are you almost here?***

***Yes. Are you ready for me?***

***I am always ready for you.***

***I’m not wearing any panties…FYI***


***We better be***

***Not until I make you come with my tongue first***


***Yes….you will be ooh’ing and aah’ing***

***Coming up the driveway now.***

***Yes..you will be cuming***


I put my phone down and adjust my hard cock. Oh, Mrs. Grey you are in for it. Movement catches my eye in the rear view mirror. I watch as the silver Audi slowly comes into view. I need to shift in my seat at the sight of her. I can see her long mahogany locks that frame her delicate face. My urge for her rises as if that’s even possible. She pulls in next to me and I immediately jump out of the Audi SUV. The smell of summer rain mixed with the gentle sound it makes as the drops tap the cars is sexy as fuck.

I walk around to greet her as she opens the car door. She’s wearing a black fitted dress that shows off all of her womanly curves. I look down to see those black stilettos that should really be illegal for her to wear in public. She closes the door and I take a step forward and scoop her up without saying a word. Our eyes lock on each other. She bites down on her pink glossed lip and it takes everything out of me not to take her right here and now. But I don’t. I have plans with my tongue first.

I lay her down on the hood of her car then slide her down to the edge. I grab a fistful of her dress and pull it upwards. Holy fuck. Her Brazilian waxed loveliness is right in my face. I place my hands on her thighs and spread her legs wider. She gasps at my touch and I look up to see her peering down at me. Her mouth is slightly open, her face full of anticipation. I grin at her then lower my face into her.


Ah,” she sighs as I gently place a kiss on her lips. I breathe in her scent that mixes perfectly with the rain coming down on us. “Argh,” she cries out as I press hard against her clit. Her hands are suddenly in my hair. She grabs a fistful with each hand and clenches tightly. Slowly I move my tongue down towards her entrance. She is deliciously wet and my tongue laps it all up. I lick my way back up to her engorged clit and circle it with my tongue.


She wimpers and bucks her hips. I press her legs down harder so that she can’t move. I want to make her writhe against my tongue until she explodes. I continue to circle her clit as her moans get louder. I let go of her right thigh and run my finger softly down her leg until I reach her center. Gently I insert a finger. Fuck she is so wet. I pump in and out of her as she pushes my head harder into her. I remove my finger and run in down to her perineum. I massage her area knowing how much she gets off on it.


Christian,” she mutters. I feel her body start to tense and I know she is getting close. I move down to her ass and circle her rim. Her hands have a death grip on my hair and she’s there. I slip my wet finger into her backside and suck her clit hard.


Fuck!” She cries out. She is tight against my finger as she convulses, climaxing loudly. I peer up at her as she comes. I love watching her come. She’s lost in the moment-eyes closed, back arching, labored breathing. She is a lovely sight at this very moment.

Welcome back baby,” I whisper as she starts to come down from her orgasm. Her head comes off the car hood slightly and she gives me a grin. “But I am not quite done with you yet.” I remove my finger and quickly undo my pants. She doesn’t say a word. She just watches me pull my pants down to my ankles.

 I reach up and slide her down the hood of the car. I stand in between her legs with my erection separating the two of us. She looks down at me and licks her lips. I want to say she does this shit with her lips purposely at this point in our relationship but I truly believe it’s an involuntary reaction. But fuck it’s hot. Every damn time.


I grab her legs and pull them up as I enter her. Fuck yes. I hear her intake of breath of pure pleasure as I ease in and out of her. The rain continues to fall on us as I increase my speed. I pull her legs closer into me and plunge deeper. She wimpers out in response.

Again?” I whisper.


I pick up the pace and thrust into her. The sound of our breathing seems to echo in the open space of the park.

Harder Christian,” she mutters. Fuck yes. I love it when she begs. I plunge into her and I can feel her start to come around my cock. I grab her by the hips and grind into her as I come right after her. I lower her legs and collapse on top of her. Our breathing is still racing as I listen to her heart practically beating out of her chest.


I look up and grin at her. “You look strikingly beautiful at this moment. And thoroughly fucked I might add.”

Nature seems to agree with me, Mr. Grey,” she says with a giggle. That sound will never get old with me.

Yes, especially the rain. The wetter the better.” We both laugh. “Well, we have the entire night Mrs. Grey. Shall we take this party indoors? I have a sudden craving for a particular room.”

Would that room happen to be the color red,” she asks with a smirk.


Yes, the same color I envision your ass to be in the near future.”

Bring it Mr. Grey.”

Last one there gets tied up,” I announce as I quickly pull out of her.

Ana jumps off the hood of the car, pulls her dress down and runs around to the driver’s side. “You better hope I don’t get there first. I have no problem tieing you up and having my way with you.” She opens the car door and has it started in no time flat. Move it Grey. I watch as she backs up the Audi like a bat out of hell. She peels out of the parking lot and I am left standing there with my pants around my legs. I pull them up quickly and race to the car. I hear my phone buzzing as I get in. It’s a text from Ana.

***Is there a particular type of rope you prefer to be tied with?***

Oh no she didn’t. I type back a response.

***It’s a shame you don’t know the shortcut like I do. Game on Grey.***

to be continued…..xoxo