Hello GREYsessed readers! TOMORROW IS THE BIG DAY!! I hope you are all going to tune in LIVE to hear my co-host on the radio with Lori Ness on Seattle Wave Radio! Yes, you read that right…CO-HOST. Which means that any eggroll flailing would probably be frowned upon by Lori. Which is asking a lot of me because two of my favorite authors are joining us for a chat! Christina Lauren, authors of the Beautiful Bastard series, that is! So my inner fan girl must be kept at bay… or at least I will try!


In addition to catching up with all things Beautiful Bastard, Christina and Lauren will be giving away signed books of their upcoming release of Beautiful Bombshell! So if you entered the contest, you definitely want to be listening to see if you are one of the lucky winners! This book may be my favorite out of the series! There is more than one “oh no they didn’t” moments that are truly sham wow worthy!


Also, if you were one of five lucky winners of the call in contest, you will get your chance to speak to Christina Lauren live! Hopefully you all checked your emails to see if you won! Since I have to be on my best professional behavior, I expect total fan girl flailing from each and every one of you!



In addition to this already amazing show, we have another guest who is Fifty Shades of awesome! Dana Brunetti will also be calling in to the program! Yes… as in Dana Brunetti, producer of the much-anticipated movie, Fifty Shades of Grey! Can you all feel my level of excitement with all this awesomesauce in one radio show?????


Lori and I are super excited to hear what Mr. Brunetti has to say and I am sure you are too! So make sure all you Team Fifty fans tune in! Who knows, maybe E L James herself will tune in to listen to her main man. Actually let’s not say that, I can feel a flail coming on!

I have said this before and I will say it again- I am truly blessed to be part of all this! Thank you Lori for the invite and having faith in me that I won’t pass out live on the radio. Actually, I am not promising what will happen but I guess that’s the fun of live programming. Tune in lovelies… you may witness an eggroll down;) !


Thanks to all you for your continued support and love! I hope you will all tune in for this fun-filled show! It starts at 12 pm PST/3 pm EST. Go to and click “Listen live.”

Love & Laters©, Michele