Hello GREYsessed readers! I am excited to bring you a special blog with our own Dana Brunetti in the spotlight! I am a HUGE awards show junkie and this Sunday is the 65th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards. “House of Cards” already received two Emmys with a total of nine nominations. Dana is the executive producer for the political-based drama that made groundbreaking history by becoming the first digitally distributed series to earn any Emmy nods.

If you listened in when I co-hosted on Northwest Prime radio, you know that Dana has a multitude of projects in the works and soon to be released. One of them is Captain Phillips, the action-packed thriller based on real events, stars Tom Hanks and hits the big screen on October 11 of this year.


I just had the opportunity to chat again briefly with Dana about a few of his projects and the upcoming Emmys. He’s an extremely busy man as you may have heard he’s producing a particular movie that has the world on edge until its August 1st release. So I truly appreciate him taking the time to answer a few quick questions.

Congrats on the 9 Emmy nods. If, or shall I say when “House of Cards” wins, do you have an acceptance speech prepared? No, I think Breaking Bad will win .I am going to have all body parts crossed for you nonetheless! (Dana also commented that filming is still in production when asked if he could give away any hint as to what will become of the ruthless Frank Underwood. Can’t blame a girl for trying!)


How Does it feel to be featured in numerous media pieces as someone who is front and center of the movement of technology? It feels great, although I may be getting too much credit as it takes a lot of people to pull off what we’re doing.

I’m pretty sure the Nielsen ratings are through the roof now that we have our Christian Grey. Are you a fan of “Sons of Anarchy”? I’ve been a fan of SOA since the first episode.


Now the question we all really want to know … Who will you be wearing at the Emmys? And if Johanna is attending, who will she be wearing? I’m wearing a Burberry Tux. Johanna is wearing a dress… I don’t know by who – someone expensive!


If you would like to listen in on more of the many projects and insight of this amazing producer and entrepreneur, here are a few links to some of the radio and televised interviews he’s been part of.

IMDb’s 20th Anniversary Star of the Day (2010)~ http://www.imdb.com/video/imdb/vi2683111705/

Northwest Prime radio interview with Lori Ness and myself~ http://t.co/fIsOrQHBtp

Callsheet interview with Dana Brunetti and Kevin Spacey (2012) http://youtu.be/QmEvXFV8-F0

And if you didn’t see this classic acceptance speech with Dana and Kevin please do now!http://youtu.be/zQhcTPrJBS8


I have said it before and I’ll continue to support the fact that we are very blessed to have one of the most diverse and talented producers on Team Fifty for the movie. If you follow Dana on Twitter, then you know the uproar and backlash that surrounded the recent casting of Christian and Ana. I applaud all the true Fifty Shades fans that have kept positive, even if Charlie and Dakota were not your first choice. Dana pretty much summed it up with his tweet post-casting: “There can only be one…and it is done.” Point well said. So do yourself a favor, listen to the links listed above. Dana’s talent and vision has resulted in an incredible career thus far. You will have no doubts that this producer, along with the rest of Team Fifty, will deliver a movie that will have you begging for more- spankings and all.

A big thank you to Dana Brunetti for stopping by for a quick chat. You have been nothing but a trooper throughout this crazy Fifty Shades phenomenon. I think I can speak for all of the fans out there, and say that we wish you the best of luck on Sunday and in all your future endeavors.

Please remember to watch the Emmys this Sunday at 8 pm EST and don’t forget to watch all the red carpet pre-show coverage. You may catch a glimpse of Dana in his Burberry tux! Love & laters©, Michele