Hello there GREYSESSED readers! It’s been a busy few weeks and I have lots to share with you! First of all, have you seen the pictures featured in this week’s Entertainment Weekly???? Holy moly guacamole!

Gorgeous pictures of Christian and Ana and a wonderful interview with EL James, so run and get your copy before they are all sold out! Here is the link to the Entertainment Weekly story about the movie making process and why it was a smart decision to move the release date to February 14, 2015. Yes, it sucks monkey’s balls that we have to wait, but obviously the extra six months is needed. Besides, what better way to spend Valentine’s Day than with popcorn, M &M’s, and some BDSM!http://ow.ly/qPrEF

In other news guess who’s the winner of the signed Beautiful Bastard series? It’s Lauri (@LanMannDragon) !!!! Congrats sweetie! Send me your mailing info so I can get those amazing books out to you! Thanks everyone who participated and commented on my Beautiful Player interview! And in case you missed it, I had the most amazing fan girling experience ever! I got to meet Christina and Lauren when they were in NYC for their Beautiful Player signing! They are the most down to earth, fun, and fabulous women you will ever meet! Thank you ladies for not running in the other direction when I screamed at seeing you and for being so gracious to your fans!

BUT WAIT!!!!!!


I have super duper exciting news! Guess who’s coming out with a new series! ALICE FLIPPING CLAYTON!!! And guess who is giving away complete copies of the Redhead series? Yes, me! So leave your comments at the end of this blog to be entered to win!


Last, but certainly not least, I am honored to introduce you to a truly gifted author and friend. Her name is C. E. Hansen and her debut novel It’s A Crime is one hot read!





Synopsis: Wealthy New York socialite Grace Preston uses men for amusement, holding her heart inside an ice fortress for protection. Spurned by a sociopath male model, Grace picks up a new man with all the right moves; smooth as bourbon, Cole slides under her wall and touches her in places she thought were well-guarded. But after a weekend of fiery passion, he leaves, devastating her.
Cole Grayson has spent ten years building his commercial real estate firm and chasing the arsonist who killed his family when he was a boy. Women are a dalliance, and have no place in his personal quest. Then Grace rocks his world—not only sexually, but in her arms, his nightmares cease. To protect her, he pushes her away; he’s close to finding the culprit and Grace must not get tangled in the cross-fire.
When women matching Grace’s description start turning up dead in Central Park, Cole is forced to divide his influence between personal revenge and protection for the woman he has come to love. But throwing money at the problem only goes so far. Grace is in danger—can he get to her in time?

Sounds like a page turner, right? Well, it is and then some! It’s a suspenseful, thrilling, and erotic story that will get both your adrenaline and lady parts pumping! Ms. Hansen’s debut is nothing short of amazing! The dramatic prologue immediately pulls you in and gets your heart racing.

What I loved about this story is the multifaceted plot. It builds on all of your emotions from the mysterious back story of Grace’s mother, to the suspenseful and gripping ending. And sex? Oh yes, there is sex alright and plenty of it! Get the sham wow’s out ladies because we have a winner! The sexual chemistry between Grace and Cole jumps off the pages from their very first encounter and does not disappoint!

It’s hard to talk about this book in detail without fear of a spoiler alert. But what I can say is that C.E. Hansen delivers quite a punch with her first novel. So if you love a steamy story with lust, love, murder, and revenge, then go download this book now! And here’s the good news! The story of Grace and Cole continues in her follow up book, It’s A Shame. That’s right! No waiting around with a book bangover! So do yourself a favor and download both! The kindle price is only $3.99 each and it is money well spent! But before you do, please acquaint yourself with Ms. Hansen. I had the opportunity to sit and chat with this talented writer!

It’s a pleasure to sit and talk with you! How’d you get into writing ?

When I was young, I used to write silly poems and short stories about boys and girls meeting, holding hands, kissing. I think I was 10 or something like that. I won a creative writing award and shoved it into my drawer. I’ve always loved writing, but I always had a different style than what was currently being published, so I just tucked most of it away. After the Twilight phenom, I pulled those old half written stories out and started right back up and now, well, I just can’t stop. I can’t find the off switch.

This is your debut novel. How did you celebrate ?

With a lot of wine, but then again, I celebrate walking in the door from work with wine…so I guess I didn’t do anything different other than sit on the edge of my seat and hope for good reviews.

What do you love about this story? First and foremost, I love Grace and Cole. I love that she is what she is. She likes sex and wanted no attachment, until she met Cole of course. The secondary characters were fun to create and have a much bigger presence in book 2, It’s A Shame.

Your book has some yummy sex. Was it difficult to write such kinkiness? I love writing sex scenes. They are fun and, well, they are fun.Actually, no. I think that you can only write what you know, or what you can imagine really well. Mine is a combination of the two—80% knowledge, 20% imagination.

Who are your favorite authors ? Oh shit, I’m gonna date myself here. Kathleen Woodiwiss, Rosemary Rogers, there are so many that I can’t name them all. I used to read on the bus going to work on Wall Street everyday from Staten Island to Manhattan, and remember getting sideways glances from the other passengers, who used book covers to hide their smut covers. Me…hell no. I Love Smut, I Read Smut and now I’m proud to say, I write SMUT. It’s fun and sexy.

Any writing rituals ? If you consider having a cocktail, or two, or three before writing then yes, I have a ritual. But, I do have to admit, it makes the next day’s edits a lot of fun. I’m totally nuts when I write with wine. Good title for a book, by the way, Write With Wine…I think I’ll use that.

What advice can you give aspiring writers? DO IT!

Who do you see as your Cole and Grace ? Any particular celebrities ? When I was writing him I was thinking Chris Hemsworth with black hair, Elisha Cuthbert as Grace… Michelle…Katie Holmes…I’m dreaming, I know, but that is what this is all about right?


Thanks to C. E. Hansen for your wonderful story and interview! Go purchase her books now! You can also follow her on Twitter at @CynthiaEHansen ! She is a true sweetheart and one of the funniest ladies I know so follow her for a good time!