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Welcome to Color Me Greysessed! My name is Michele and I am so happy you’re visiting my blog.  I’m cupcake crazy (Oh Baked Goodness! my home biz), Stella & Dot stylist, and live my life by a “Go Big or Go Home” attitude.This blogging thing has been so much fun and I hope you enjoy reading my posts. I am a self-proclaimed caffeine addict, runner, shopaholic, movieholic, and GREYsessed with all things Fifty Shades! Loving the idea of connecting with others and I hope you will follow me as I blog my way thru this crazy thing called life. Laters, baby©

31 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Maria Aguilar said:

    Love your blog! Christian Bale is totally my Fifty!!

  2. Love the stories! Keep them coming!!!

  3. You are a great writer!! Keep up the good work! I enjoy what you write very much!!

  4. Hi! Just wanted to let you know about my new site dedicating to all fifty shades fanfiction. Would love it if you’d register and upload your stories. No restrictions!! 🙂

    And i 100% agree with bale as grey #baleheads

  5. Holly Patterson said:

    Love your blog! I am currently on book three and I can’t wait to finish it!

  6. Love your stories!!!

  7. Nancy Alfaro said:

    Hi,I’m also a huge Fifty Shades of Grey fan,and am absolutely interested in reading anything pertaining Fifty Shades of Grey! So I stumbled upon this website and I was curious, was exactly is this? And what are you writing about?

    • Hi! It’s a blog dedicated to all things fifty shades. Some true stories and lots of kink. Some stories go together like Olympics and the ice cream ones. Best bet is to start at beginning from the home page. Thanks for reading!!!! Xo

  8. Congrats !! Your blog is great ! I´m a follower !! Keep posting your stories….they are very good !!

  9. Loved your Halloween story..the first one I read of your blog..Great job! Looking forward to reading more!

  10. Michele, I totally love your stories!!can’t wait for the next trick or treats!!! Xxx

  11. Where can I sign up to get updates on stories or things of 50 shades of grey?

  12. When can we read the next amazing story???can’t wait!!!! Xxx

  13. I would love if Matt Bomer could be Chriistain.He just fits the part!!!(Despite he’s gay)He’s super hot!!!

  14. Michele, you are really good writintg. You should try and go for the book !! (Don´t stop !)

  15. Hello From Melbourne Australia!

    Love your blog.and.each.every.post.you.have.made! And love to know am am not the only one who thinks that Christian Bale is Christian GREY: he has enough megawatt star power for the big screen.

    Your new blog fan from Down Under

    • Hi there!! So happy you are reading my blog! I’m dying to visit Australia !! Yes if Christian Bale could be CG, I could die happy. But I know in my heart he’s too old. Even though he’d rock it in the red room!! Thanks sweetie! Xoxo

  16. Michelle,,, Luv ya Sista… Luv the blog….

  17. Hope all is well. Haven’t seen you around here in a few weeks. I always check in to read some of your most recent musings.

  18. i visited your blog a couple of weeks ago but i did not leave any comment about your blog here.. well i’ll cut to the chase.. im so into your blogs.. so damn good :))) lets continue to tweet :))) @yiazzumisia.. and ohh im thinking of trying to write a blog and i know i really have a long way to go!!!:))))

  19. Cindy Lindeman said:

    Terrific Blog, and yes….Christian Bale is my Christian Grey, no matter who they put in the movie it will always be him for me!!! Have a great Day!!!

  20. Mary Greet said:

    How do I subscribe to your blog. Or is it just on twitter?

    • Hi on the blog there’s a “receive by email” option on the side bar !! Or it may be on the bottom of the blog. Thanks so much xo

      Sent from my iPhone

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  22. Courtney Alvarez said:

    I haven’t gotten any new blogs/post in a couple months 😦 idk if I’m just not getting them or what??? HELP!!!! 😦

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