50 Shades of Crave

Hello GREYsessed readers! I hope you lovelies all had the chance to read my last blog post. If not, please do to find out how win a signed copy of the soon to be released, Beautiful Bombshell by Christina Lauren! And if that’s not exciting enough, you can also win a chance to speak to them live on the radio! Yes, you read that right! I will be on Seattle Wave Radio on August 24th with Lori Ness as co-host! We will be talking all the latest Fifty Shades news and will be joined by Christina and Lauren! In other words, major fangirling and flailing to be had! So read the last blog and preorder Bombshell to get entered into this amazing giveaway!


And now for the highlight of this blog: Miss Monica Murphy!! Yes, the amazeballs author of One Week Girlfriend and Second Chance Boyfriend is back and on fire with CRAVE!

Billionaire Archer Bancroft always gets what he wants-and he’s wanted Ivy Emerson, his best friend’s sister, for far too long. Being forbidden and untouchable only makes her more tempting. When a million-dollar bet with his friends throws down a challenge-last bachelor standing takes all-Archer knows he can win. That is, until one enchanted evening with Ivy takes his heart for a ride.

Ivy knows Archer is nothing but bad news: Infuriating, arrogant…and completely intoxicating. But despite her best efforts, she can’t seem to keep away. When a stolen kiss leads to a night of heated passion, Ivy realizes she’s in trouble and in head over heels.

But in the light of day, everything seems clearer and Archer’s not so sure a one-night stand is all he wants. Concocting a plan to keep Ivy by his side, Archer might just be willing to lose this bet….and win the jackpot instead. (Goodreads)


Let me just start off by saying how much I adore Monica Murphy and CRAVE! This is her first book in the Billionaire Bachelor series and she starts it off with a bang..literally! There are three key elements that made this book work for me. First of all, I knew I would like this book just for the name Archer Bancroft alone. Seriously Monica? The name drips sex or is it just me? Second, hello sexual tension done right. I am all about the build-up and because the book is written from a dual POV, we get smexy anticipation and lust all around. And third, I didn’t want to bitch slap Ivy like I sometimes want to do with the female character. You know what I am talking about: the whiny, I-can’t-flipping-decide-what-I-want character that you scream at while reading! Ivy, your face is safe with me. She is a strong, smart, and so not whiny but loves a good whimper if you know what I mean!


Let’s get back to Archer shall we? He’s rich, smart, and a ladies man. And Ivy is well aware of this. What I like about this relationship is that it has history. Archer is best friends with Gage, Ivy’s older and protective brother. The hands-off attraction that  he has for Ivy has been there for a long time, but she is the forbidden fruit.

Ivy, on the other hand, thinks she is too smart to fall for Archer’s playboy ways. However, she is not totally numb to the idea of Mr. I Have A Name That Says Sex.

Dark hair, dark eyes, tall and broad with a body that’s hard and muscular without being over the top; he’s downright swoon-worthy.”

You know it girlfriend. And when they finally have get together it is a sham wow moment! Sexual tension and hidden desires come to fruition in a dark corner of a terrace. Heavy breathing, gazing eyes, and Ivy’s sudden desire to lick his….fingers. Fingers people fingers! And son of a biscuit there is fingering!

Tell me what you want,” I whisper closer to her ear, my fingers between her legs, searcher her hot, wet depths. She moves with me, her hips thrusting against my hand and I close my eyes, fighting for control.”

And that my friends, is a sham wow moment.

Yes, this book delivers the steam but it also tells a great story of two strong-willed people who fall…and fall hard. Ms. Murphy does a wonderful job with giving us both points of view and allowing us into the heads of both Archer and Ivy. Their steamy first time encounter is just the beginning after a once in a lifetime opportunity presents itself for them to work together. She does an excellent job at building their relationship through back and forth banter, sexual tension, and intimate moments. Will Archer lose the bet to his friends? Or will he lose the only woman he’s ever loved? Read CRAVE to find out with a fabulous ending that will have you CRAVE-ing for more!

But wait….. continue reading for this fabulous interview with Ms. Monica Murphy herself! And find out how to win a signed copy of CRAVE and the end of this blog!



Crave is written from both characters’ POV’s. Do you find this difficult?

Nooo, not at all! It’s my favorite thing in the world, to write in both of their POVs. In fact, I sometimes prefer to be in the guy’s head. It’s a fun place to be. 🙂

Crave sounds like a delicious and inviting place to visit. If you could, would you visit such a place ?

If I could get rid of my kids for a few days, I would certainly be tempted. Doesn’t everyone who’s in a relationship need some alone time? My husband and I have been married for almost 12 years. We definitely need to kick the kids and have a vacation! (I sound like a bad mom when I say kick the kids, LOL I don’t mean literally kick them).

I love the names Archer and Ivy. Do the names hold any personal significance to you?

Hmm, not really. I was trying to be different. I wanted a sort of preppy, rich boy name and I thought Archer fit the bill. And I wanted something cute and short…and came up with Ivy.

If Crave were made into a movie, who would you like to see as Archer and Ivy?

Well, I’ve had mad love for Armie Hammer for a while now. He’s got that rich, handsome guy vibe to him. Plus he’s tall and has that sexy deep voice so I think he’d been a perfect Archer. For Ivy, I can see Kristin Kreuk from Beauty and the Beast as Ivy. She’s pretty and feisty, just like my Ivy.

You’ve written numerous books. Which female character do you most relate to and why ?

SUCH a tough question! This sounds so corny but I believe there’s a little bit of me in all the characters I write, both male and female. I like the take charge female characters best I think. Ivy’s pretty take charge when she needs to be and I’m pretty take charge most of the time. In the publishing business, you have to be!

Do you find it difficult to write the erotic scenes in your books ?

Nooo….I can get the worst reviews in the world but then they’ll say, “The sex scenes were good though.” I’m very comfortable writing the sex scenes, sexual tension, kissing…they’re my favorite bits to write. This makes me sound like a pervert but they’re fun! So much possibility in them. Changes the dynamic between the characters completely!

Any writing rituals you’d like to share with us ? eg: music, setting, etc.

I write at my giant iMac at my desk or on my laptop. Some books have playlists, some don’t. Some books I find visuals for inspiration, some I don’t. I’m all over the place.

If you could collaborate with any author who would it be?

Well, Katy Evans is one of my besties and I think we could have the best time EVER writing a book together. Our plates are so full at the moment who knows if it could ever happen but yeah. I think we could put together something pretty fun. And sexy.

3 words to describe yourself

At the moment? I’m tired, silly, happy. Life is good.

What’s your earliest memory of writing a story ?

Hmm, I remember writing a story in fifth grade about my grandma’s cat who was such a badass (well I didn’t call him a badass in the story, ahem). I made up this grandiose tale of how he beat up everyone on the street, from the dogs to the cows (my grandma lived in the country) to the buffalo that my grandma had out in a field! My teacher loved the story.

Secret author crush

Right now I’m crushing on Christina and Lauren who make up Christina Lauren (and I know you love them too). They are so cute, they write the best damn stories EVER and no one gives a hug like Lauren. They work so well together too. They’re adorable.

Go to stressed out food indulgence


Hugs or kisses

Can’t I have hugs AND kisses? YESSSSS:)

What do you like to do in your downtime?

Read, watch TV, hang with the family, zone out.

How did you celebrate when your first book was published?

I believe we went out to dinner. It was tough, my kids were really small when that first little book came out back in 2006. We probably got take out. I can’t remember!

Who’s your Christian Grey?

Hmmm, Henry Cavill? That would work. <<<< MAJOR SHAM WOW GIRL;)

Last movie you saw

Man of Steel! (which goes with my previous answer)

What piece of advice can you give aspiring writers?

Keep writing, keep learning and finish the damn book. I messed around a lot, playing at writing but never finished anything for years. Once I finally finished a complete book (which was pure crap but that’s beside the point), I realized, hey I could do this. I highly recommend it. *winks*

Monica Murphy
Website | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads

Thank you so much Monica! You are truly a sweetheart and so talented! I look forward to the next installment in the Billionaire Series!

***Want to win a signed copy of CRAVE? Leave me a comment on the blog and that enters you to win! Winner will be announced next week! ***

Love & Laters©, Michele

50 Shades of Co-Hosting!

Hello GREYsessed readers! I hope you are all doing well! I am super excited to bring you this news! On August 24th, I have the privilege and pleasure of co-hosting on Seattle Wave Radio with my favorite DJ, Lori Ness! Yes, not as a guest, but CO-HOST! (I don’t think Lori knows what she’s in for!)imagesCA58EETG

We will be discussing all the latest Fifty Shades of Grey news. Wouldn’t it be great if they had some casting announcements by then? I will also be fresh back from my trip to LA, so I will be discussing all PG-13 details of that trip. And perhaps indulge you with some of the fun I have with Robert India, the erotic writer better known as @eroticrobert on Twitter! Yes, I will be meeting him and can’ wait to see the face that goes with the headless body on Twitter!


I am so excited for this news and finally I can share it with you! On the show, we will be talking to the Beautiful Bastard authors, Christina Lauren!!! YES!!! They will be joining Lori and I for a discussion about their dripping-with-sex book, Beautiful Bombshell! I have had the privilege of reading it already and I think this may be my favorite yet! They are so brilliant in this book, I can’t wait for you all to read it!



Not only are they going to be discussing all the hot sex in their books, well I hope we are anyways, they are also going to be answering questions from YOU!!! And how can you make that happen? Well, when you preorder Beautiful Bombshell on amazon, this puts you in the running to be one of five lucky fans to chat with them live on the radio! Here’s how to enter:

*preorder Beautiful Bombshell (ebook or soft cover)

*email your receipt to: Michele627@hotmail.com (that’s my email)

*this automatically puts you in the running.

*winners will be notified by email on 8/22/13



If you don’t win the chance to talk with Christina Lauren, don’t fret my pet. The dynamic duo will also be giving away signed Beautiful Bombshell books live on the air. EVERYONE that preorders will be put in the running to win a book! So get on amazon NOW!  Preorder the book-it’s super inexpensive and you will not be disappointed!

Thank you Christina and Lauren in advance for this amazing opportunity! And a huge thank you to Lori Ness- who without her this show wouldn’t happen. I am the truly blessed for all this happiness in my life and to know such wonderful women! No, I will not ugly cry damn it…..STOP MAKING ME CRY AND GO BUY YOUR BOOK!!!!!


Love & Laters©, Michele xo

50 Shades of Nature

Hello GREYsessed readers! Well, yesterday was August 1, 2013 and it came and went without any Fifty Shades casting news. Did any of you think there was going to be an announcement on this particular date like me? I had my phone with me all day. Well, it’s always with me but I was on hyper-alert mode! So fingers, toes, and every other body part crossed that the announcement is soon. It’s officially less than one year away so we know its coming…or cuming;)

In other news, did you all catch my second appearance on the radio with Lori Ness and Seattle Wave Radio? I was fortunate enough to be asked back (probably to redeem myself after flailing over E L James!) and I am happy to report that it was in fact a no flail appearance. If you haven’t listened yet, please do here:http://t.co/fU1TdE6c6h  Lori is wonderful at what she does and her shows are really entertaining! I am hoping to guest co-host with her next month and hopefully by then we can talk all about the newly casting Christian Grey! GAH!!!!!!

I just want to say congrats again to the two winners of the Beautiful Bitch signed book giveaway! The great news is that Beautiful Bombshell is coming in September, so you can be sure there will be another book giveaway! Plus, I have book review and interviews set up with authors Monica Murphy, Cyndi Tefft, and others, so there is a lot of fun interviews and giveaways to be had! And a huge kiss and hug to Christina Lauren and their wonderful publishing company, Simon & Schuster for their continued support! If you haven’t read any of the Beautiful Bastard series yet, get to it!

And while I am on the subject of authors, I would like to quickly clear up some “rumors” going around. For starters, I have read each and every book that I have reviewed on my blog. My reviews are honest, truthful, and written by me and me alone. Life gets in the way of me being the first to read every new release book, but I do love reading. HELLO- my blog is based on a book trilogy! I am one of those readers that if I get sucked in to a book, I must put life on hold to read it in one sitting. I read the Fifty Shades trilogy in two days and it was well worth the book hangover. Who doesn’t right?

But just because I haven’t read every book written by an author, that doesn’t mean I can’t totally fangirl over them. Alice Clayton is one example. I have not gotten to every one of her books, but damn that woman makes me laugh on twitter. And she happens to follow little old me on there, as do a lot of other amazing writers. Why bring this up? I guess I feel the need to defend myself. I am not one for putting on airs. What you see is what you get. And honestly, its my blog- so why not say what’s been on my mind for months now. With that off my chest, I’d like to send out a big huge cyber hug to all of my loyal followers who continue to inspire, and fill me with love! Nothing makes me happier than hearing you enjoy reading my random thoughts and kinkspiration! And speaking of kink….here you go! Love & Laters©, Michele xo



Over a month. In fact, well over a month since I’ve had my way with Ana. Shit. Over a month? Damn it. Sure, we’ve had sex. But not sex, sex. It’s been more be-quiet-so-we-don’t-wake-the-baby sex versus give-it-to-me-baby sex. I stare at the huge plant in the corner of my office as I remember the night of my birthday. Ana had a stripper pole installed in the Red Room and my last request was that we partake in some public sex. Unfortunately, Teddy had other plans and came down with a fever. Rain check on doing it in the rain.

I do my best to get back to running my business but my urges are getting the best of me today. I have been trying not to pressure Ana about the sex thing, being we have other priorities as parents now. I stare down at our wedding photo that sits on my desk. I pick up the silver frame to get a closer look. Oh yes, baby. You are mine tonight. I send a quick text to Grace and then email Ana.

From: Christian Grey

Subject: Let’s Misbehave

Date: August 3, 2013 09:36

To: Anastasia Grey

Good Morning.

See the above subject matter.

Christian Grey

CEO, Grey Enterprises Holdings Inc.



I hit send and hope for the best. My mind starts to awaken as a plethora of ideas fill my head. Yes. I like the way you are thinking now Grey. I smile at myself. You are still a kinky mother fucker. I look at my phone and see there’s an email waiting for me.

From: Anastasia Grey

Subject: Child’s Play

Date: August 3, 2013 09:38

To: Christian Grey

Good morning dear husband. Misbehave? As in throwing food like Teddy? Or maybe you’d like draw all over the walls with a pencil left out by accident? Sounds sexy…..

Ana xx



I scowl at my phone. You just bought yourself a spanking for that response Mrs. Grey. My hand is suddenly feeling twitchy. She will throb at the word misbehave every time she hears it after I have my way with her.

From: Christian Grey

Subject: Sharpen My Pencil

Date: August 3, 2013 09:40

To: Anastasia Grey

I see that you have mommy duties on the brain this morning. So I will explain MISBEHAVE to you. By misbehave I mean that you can take my pencil and insert it into your pencil sharpener. In other words: YOU. ARE. MINE.

Christian Grey

CEO, and your favorite #2 pencil, Grey Enterprises Holdings Inc.


Wow. We have been reduced to speaking in writing utensil metaphors. Take away my key to the Red Room if I start quoting Dora the fucking Explorer. I watch my computer switch to my screen saver. Teddy’s adorable face now stares back at me. I love  you kid, but Daddy needs some tonight. Parental guilt starts to seep in and I quickly shut my laptop. My phone dings and I see that Grace has texted me back. Excellent. Grandma to the rescue. I open the waiting email on my phone. I stare at the picture attached. Okay, my wife fucking rocks.

From: Anastasia Grey


Date: August 3, 2013 09:43

To: Christian Grey

So by pencil sharpener you mean this?


Oh, and just so you know- I like to color outside the lines. Way outside the lines.

Ana xx



I can’t even contain the grin on my face and the hard on in my pants. This. This sexy banter I have missed. And I am relieved and elated that we still have it. An idea pops into my head and I quickly send another email.

From: Christian Grey

Subject: YES THAT

Date: August 3, 2013 09:47

To: Anastasia Grey

Just WOW.

Meet me at Volunteer Park at 6. My pencil will be nice and sharpened for you.

Christian Grey

CEO and full of lead, Grey Enterprises Holdings Inc



Fuck. Now I have to get through this work day. This may go down as the longest day in history.

I email Ana and tell her to get out of work by noon. There is no way in hell I can wait eight plus hours to see her. Plus I doubt this hard on will stay at bay that long either.




I pull up to the park. It’s a usual overcast day today with a high chance of rain, which explains the emptiness of the park. Perfect. This has always been one of my favorite parks to frequent, especially when I need space to just clear my head. Its 45 acre landscaping is beautiful with gracious old trees and foliage. I would love to show Ana a good time in the Water Tower but I’ll save that for another time. Or maybe the Conservatory. Ah, the Asian Art Museum perhaps? Don’t get ahead of yourself Grey. This meeting was a month in the making. I peer out the Audi window and see the Space Needle in the distance. Droplets of rain start to hit the windshield. Even better. I grab my phone and send Ana a quick text.

***Are you almost here?***

***Yes. Are you ready for me?***

***I am always ready for you.***

***I’m not wearing any panties…FYI***


***We better be***

***Not until I make you come with my tongue first***


***Yes….you will be ooh’ing and aah’ing***

***Coming up the driveway now.***

***Yes..you will be cuming***


I put my phone down and adjust my hard cock. Oh, Mrs. Grey you are in for it. Movement catches my eye in the rear view mirror. I watch as the silver Audi slowly comes into view. I need to shift in my seat at the sight of her. I can see her long mahogany locks that frame her delicate face. My urge for her rises as if that’s even possible. She pulls in next to me and I immediately jump out of the Audi SUV. The smell of summer rain mixed with the gentle sound it makes as the drops tap the cars is sexy as fuck.

I walk around to greet her as she opens the car door. She’s wearing a black fitted dress that shows off all of her womanly curves. I look down to see those black stilettos that should really be illegal for her to wear in public. She closes the door and I take a step forward and scoop her up without saying a word. Our eyes lock on each other. She bites down on her pink glossed lip and it takes everything out of me not to take her right here and now. But I don’t. I have plans with my tongue first.

I lay her down on the hood of her car then slide her down to the edge. I grab a fistful of her dress and pull it upwards. Holy fuck. Her Brazilian waxed loveliness is right in my face. I place my hands on her thighs and spread her legs wider. She gasps at my touch and I look up to see her peering down at me. Her mouth is slightly open, her face full of anticipation. I grin at her then lower my face into her.


Ah,” she sighs as I gently place a kiss on her lips. I breathe in her scent that mixes perfectly with the rain coming down on us. “Argh,” she cries out as I press hard against her clit. Her hands are suddenly in my hair. She grabs a fistful with each hand and clenches tightly. Slowly I move my tongue down towards her entrance. She is deliciously wet and my tongue laps it all up. I lick my way back up to her engorged clit and circle it with my tongue.


She wimpers and bucks her hips. I press her legs down harder so that she can’t move. I want to make her writhe against my tongue until she explodes. I continue to circle her clit as her moans get louder. I let go of her right thigh and run my finger softly down her leg until I reach her center. Gently I insert a finger. Fuck she is so wet. I pump in and out of her as she pushes my head harder into her. I remove my finger and run in down to her perineum. I massage her area knowing how much she gets off on it.


Christian,” she mutters. I feel her body start to tense and I know she is getting close. I move down to her ass and circle her rim. Her hands have a death grip on my hair and she’s there. I slip my wet finger into her backside and suck her clit hard.


Fuck!” She cries out. She is tight against my finger as she convulses, climaxing loudly. I peer up at her as she comes. I love watching her come. She’s lost in the moment-eyes closed, back arching, labored breathing. She is a lovely sight at this very moment.

Welcome back baby,” I whisper as she starts to come down from her orgasm. Her head comes off the car hood slightly and she gives me a grin. “But I am not quite done with you yet.” I remove my finger and quickly undo my pants. She doesn’t say a word. She just watches me pull my pants down to my ankles.

 I reach up and slide her down the hood of the car. I stand in between her legs with my erection separating the two of us. She looks down at me and licks her lips. I want to say she does this shit with her lips purposely at this point in our relationship but I truly believe it’s an involuntary reaction. But fuck it’s hot. Every damn time.


I grab her legs and pull them up as I enter her. Fuck yes. I hear her intake of breath of pure pleasure as I ease in and out of her. The rain continues to fall on us as I increase my speed. I pull her legs closer into me and plunge deeper. She wimpers out in response.

Again?” I whisper.


I pick up the pace and thrust into her. The sound of our breathing seems to echo in the open space of the park.

Harder Christian,” she mutters. Fuck yes. I love it when she begs. I plunge into her and I can feel her start to come around my cock. I grab her by the hips and grind into her as I come right after her. I lower her legs and collapse on top of her. Our breathing is still racing as I listen to her heart practically beating out of her chest.


I look up and grin at her. “You look strikingly beautiful at this moment. And thoroughly fucked I might add.”

Nature seems to agree with me, Mr. Grey,” she says with a giggle. That sound will never get old with me.

Yes, especially the rain. The wetter the better.” We both laugh. “Well, we have the entire night Mrs. Grey. Shall we take this party indoors? I have a sudden craving for a particular room.”

Would that room happen to be the color red,” she asks with a smirk.


Yes, the same color I envision your ass to be in the near future.”

Bring it Mr. Grey.”

Last one there gets tied up,” I announce as I quickly pull out of her.

Ana jumps off the hood of the car, pulls her dress down and runs around to the driver’s side. “You better hope I don’t get there first. I have no problem tieing you up and having my way with you.” She opens the car door and has it started in no time flat. Move it Grey. I watch as she backs up the Audi like a bat out of hell. She peels out of the parking lot and I am left standing there with my pants around my legs. I pull them up quickly and race to the car. I hear my phone buzzing as I get in. It’s a text from Ana.

***Is there a particular type of rope you prefer to be tied with?***

Oh no she didn’t. I type back a response.

***It’s a shame you don’t know the shortcut like I do. Game on Grey.***

to be continued…..xoxo

50 Shades of Winning

Hello GREYsessed readers! I apologize for the tardiness of this blog. For those of you who haven’t listened to me whine on Twitter, my AC has been broke for three days! It just got fixed (again) and fingers crossed that it’s fixed for good. Anyways, last week was an exciting time for Fifty Shades fans. First, the San Diego Comic Con took place and our favorite lady was there! We were treated to a bunch of tweets and pictures from EL herself as she took in the convention and local sights. And as she stated, no announcements of casting were made.
The other thrilling news is that our Fifty Shades producer, Dana Brunetti, just made history with his Emmy nominations for the Netflix series,”House of Cards” breaking ground as the first digitally distributed series to receive this incredible nomination alongside “Arrested Development.” So in other words, drop your doubts at the Red Room door because Dana and the rest of Team Fifty will bring the kinky fuckery! Now if they’d only cast this movie so I can get my misery out of the way. I assume that filming needs to start sooner than later since August 1, 2014 is really not that far off. I just pray I am not in Target and see Twitter blow up with the news. I need to be at home. In the closet. With my ice cream and charger. Unless of course, the grand announcement is that the token Asian role goes to me. Well, then there will be dancing through the aisles of Target!!imagesCA13YC05Here is Dana with the House of Cards fellow nominees, Kevin Spacey & Robin Wright. They won a “Special Achievement” WEBBY award earlier this year for their groundbreaking work for HOC and also their visionary work with Trigger Street Labs. Congrats Dana! We are proud to have such an accomplished producer on Team Fifty!




Okay, so I know that a lot of you are waiting for the results of the Beautiful Bitch book giveaway. I also know that you are waiting for some smut. So what I am going to do is announce the winners and then finish writing the story tonight. So.. drum roll please….. the two winners of the Beautiful Bitch signed books are :




Thank you to all of you who participated on the blog and on Pinterest! And speaking of Pinterest, I have heard from Christina Lauren that they are ready to start putting the page together for Beautiful Bombshell! So if you are not following them on Pinterest yet, please do! Their page name is “Beautiful Bastard Official Page.”


Okay loves, I will get the kink out to you ASAP! Enjoy the rest of your day and stay beYOUtiful! As always- Love & Laters©, Michele xo

50 Shades Live and My Favorite Bitch


Hello GREYsessed readers! It has been an exciting time for all of us Fifty Shades fans! I hope all of you got to listen to the “Fifty Shades of Grey-1 Year Later” radio show with Seattle Wave Radio and hosted by the amazing Lori Ness. Didn’t hear it? Because if you missed it-no worries, I will have the link here on the blog. It was truly a highlight of my little blogging career! As I said on the radio show, I never in a million years would have guessed that I would be part of an amazing team of women as passionate as me. Team Fifty is what we call ourselves and I am proud to be part of it.

Best part of the show though? E L JAMES!!!!  Yes, in shouty capitals! She was a total surprise guest and surprised I was! Picture this: I happened to be in Chicago visiting my good friend Kim. I am in her guest room setting myself up for the interview. I never downloaded the app for the radio station and of course I was having technical difficulties. Anyone that knows me knows that technology is allergic to me. So I am slated to be Lori’s first guest and it is go time. I can’t get the radio show to play as I am watching the tweets go down my timeline commenting on the first guest speaker. First speaker? I am supposed to be the first speaker! Sweat is starting to form. Darn Ipad is being an arse. I see someone has tweeted me back. “Its Erika.” Who the heck is Erika? Dana Brunetti tweets me. “Who is on now?” I tweet him, “Erika.” The radio station finally starts working. I hear a British accent. Ding. Light bulb goes on. HOLY SHITBALLS! IT’S ERIKA. As in THE Erika!


Okay-for those of you who don’t personally know me, I am a crier. A big crier. Huge. And in this moment the perfect storm had just formulated for huge tears. For starters, I was already overwhelmed from the technical disaster that is me. And hearing EL’s voice just made the tears start to roll. Not only because obviously I adore her, but I was truly happy for Lori. This was a huge deal for her and I just love when good things happy to great people. So yes, I was a darn mess and had to call into the show in minutes. You’ll have to listen to the show to hear how the rest went down but that gives you a visual of what the five minutes were like for me before I called in. I will say it was a surreal moment. I was truly humbled and have never felt so blessed. And in case you were wondering- yes, I cried after I hung up the phone too. Yes, a hot mess. But please listen if you haven’t yet. This is a unique and wonderful group of women who dedicate their time to keeping the Fifty Shades fandom going in a positive way.

So please listen to the radio show! It’s three hours of pure entertainment and puts a voice to all the names we follow on Twitter and Facebook! http://t.co/xw8UIGEMVz


And now I am uber excited to bring you another interview with two of my favorite authors-Christina Lauren, the dynamic duo who just released the novella, Beautiful Bitch. I recently posted a review of the book and now I happy to share with you my recent chat with these lovely ladies. But before I do, there’s more good news!





Beautiful Bitch picks up where Bastard left off. Was it hard to get back into character since Stranger?

Actually . . . yes. There were a couple of things that were hard about it – one was the deadline, and the other was knowing that we had to get back in such different mindsets than Max/Sara. The other thing that was hard about BITCH (other than Bennett *rimshot*) was that we had to find a balance between writing their familiar snark and writing a healthy relationship. You really don’t want a couple who is presumably in love to constantly be saying ‘fuck you’ to each other, but you also don’t want to see them pulling a total 180 either and reading love sonnets. We think we hit the balance pretty well, but they’re at a point where they miss each other a little. So if fans miss snarky Bennett and sassy Chloe, they’ll really love BOMBSHELL and BEGINNING because those two personalities are back with a roar.


The story takes us to the picturesque city of Marseille. You paint a beautiful picture of it. Any personal reason for this location? I know you’ve been to Paris but were you able to visit Marseille as well?

Neither of us has been to the south of France but we have such a mental image and we figure the more we write about France, the more likely it is someday we’ll end up there together in a villa with manservants and . . . what was the question again?


The story flashes back in time, which added incredible dimension and gave the reader such an in-depth look at their relationship. Was it hard to go backwards with the story or did it just flow naturally?

So, one thing we’ve mentioned about BITCH is that we didn’t initially plan to write it. We thought we ended BASTARD exactly how and where we wanted to. But as we talked about it more between us and also with Adam (our editor), we realized not only did readers want more Chloe and Bennett, but there was a lot more material there to have fun with. And that’s what this series is for all of us in some ways – fun.

But the flashbacks were actually something we went back and forth about a lot. On the one hand, we didn’t want it to start in the boardroom at the end of BASTARD, but if we didn’t have any flashbacks, the readers would want to know what happened in that whole year. On the other hand, it was hard to figure out how to make it happen seamlessly, and in a novella that’s even trickier. So I would say it was something we struggled with a little, but we ended up feeling great about where it landed.


I have spent a lot of time with Bennett and Chloe. Not as much as you obviously. So my question is, do you ever find yourselves in real life seeing or hearing something and thinking “That’s so Bennett.” or “Chloe would totally say that!” just because those characters are so part of you?

Definitely we say things to each other that make us think, “Wow, that is so Chloe/Bennett.” And then we have to put it in a book. We have a notebook full of things we’ve said that will eventually make it into one of the novellas, just you wait . . .

The cover of Beautiful Bombshell is gorgeous. Any hints or spoilers?

WE LOVE BOMBSHELL! I mean, we love this novella. BITCH is fun and a return to Chloe and Bennett, but it was a little hard for us to get back in their heads.  But BOMBSHELL, which is in alternating Max and Bennett point of view, was the most fun for us to write. They just cracked us up. And for spoilers, we can say that Will is a lot of fun in this one, and you get to see a side of the guys’ relationship that we think you’ll enjoy. But don’t worry; there is plenty of steam in this one to feel like a Christina Lauren book.


The screenwriter has been chosen for the movie production of Beautiful Bastard. First: GAH!!!!!! And second: when do you suspect filming will start? Your token Asian needs to clear her calendar 😉

Hell yeah she does!! And YES! Stephanie Sanditz is the screenwriter and we LOVE her. Christina flew out to California in early June and we drove up to LA to have lunch with her and Bianca from Constantin Film. The four of us hit it off wonderfully and we can tell you, Stephanie really gets these characters and the fun, sexiness, and personal stakes involved in BASTARD. So, once the script is finalized and accepted, Jeremy Bolt (Producer) will find a director to come on board. After that, they’ll cast the film. WE ARE SO EXCITED!

Thank you for having us sweetie, we just adore you!!

Thank you Christina and Lauren! I flipping adore both of you and blessed to know you. Your fans are super excited for the giveaway and for Beautiful Bombshell! Much love to both of you and continued success ! And thank you to Simon & Schuster for their support! They are a wonderful publishing company! xoxo, Michele

Twitter- @seeCwrite @loloshoes

Website- www.christinalaurenbooks.com

50 Shades of a Bitch

Hello GREYsessed readers! I am hoping that you all read the blog posted before this one that gives you all the information about the highly-anticipated “50 Shades of Grey- 1 year laters” live radio show with Seattle Wave radio. I hope you’ll tune in to hear moi and everything Fifty Shades, including giveaways, and lots of guests! Tune in this Sunday- 1 pm EST


***Make sure to keep up with the blog! Coming next week is another amazing interview with Christina Lauren, author of Beautiful Bitch! AND I will be giving away TWO autographed books from these lovely ladies! ***

And now I give you…… The Bitch…. Beautiful Bitch to be exact! The smoking novella from Christina Lauren that picks up from where Beautiful Bastard left off. 




Smexy. Smoking. Salacious. Yes, this book delivers the hotness factor. Written from both Chloe and Bennett’s POV, we get to witness their insight and emotions as they continue their lustful battle of wills and embark on the next chapter of their relationship.

Just as their romance is taking off, so is Chloe’s career. This leaves little room for any hot rendezvous that Bennett would like to see happen. Preferably anywhere, anytime. But don’t fret my smutty-loving pets, there is more than enough crotchCUMbustion moments and one line zingers.

I want you on your knees on my bed. I want you sweaty and begging. I want you wet enough to drink from.”

Ummm…..where was I? Oh, right. Lots of “moments.” Since we are on the subject I’ll give you one more . Or two. Since I felt the need to highlight them in my book, I might as well share.

“Don’t pull away. You’re not done yet. Not even fucking close. Give me another.”

Makes you want it, right? The book I mean. Well, you won’t be disappointed. You’ll just be begging for more, which Bennett likes! But what I truly love about Christina Lauren is how they give such insight and character development to their stories. Writing from both POV’s allows the reader to truly feel the angst, love, and craving that both Chloe and Bennett experience. Add in flashbacks intertwined with the present day story and you are totally immersed in their story. A story that is much deeper than their fuck-hating turned lovemaking. You feel their frustration as each of them struggle to make their relationship work without losing themselves. Their foreplay and anticipation will have you feeling just as cock blocked as Bennett. And their sassy and smart ass chemistry is as funny and sharp as ever. I don’t want to give too much away, but some of Chloe’s comebacks will have you bowing to the bitch. Available July 9th everywhere! Go get your Bitch on!!!


***Follow Christina Lauren on Pinterest : “Beautiful Bastard Official Page” and relive their books, along with the brand new Beautiful Bitch page. ***

Thank you Christina and Lauren for allowing me to read this gem. You have proven once again that you can deliver a story filled with love, laughs, and loads of crotchCUMbustion moments! I am looking forward to reading Beautiful Player this October! Continued success in all you do! Xoxo 

Fifty Shades- 1 year Laters

                                               ‘NUFF SAID…..
Yes, that’s right! E L James herself tweeted it herself: “Good morning all. Hot news- We have a release date.” Well you know what that did to social media! All I know is that date is about a year away. Meaning we are that much closer to knowing who will play the most coveted movie role in a very long time! then to tease us even more, Dana Brunetti tweeted a picture of the “new and improved” Team Fifty, which included the newly hired director, Sam Taylor-Johnson. Where is Michael DeLuca by the way? I think Dana enjoys being Team Fifty’s boy toy!
So… with all this exciting news, its perfect timing for the much-anticipated LIVE radio show with you guessed it..Me!! No worries, I am not the highlight by any means so definitely tune in! There are special guests appearing and some great giveaways!
                        Fifty Shades of Grey-1 Year Laters©  Live Show
  • The show is Sunday July 7th

  • 10 am Pacific time/1 pm Eastern time

  • Please go to www.northwestprime.com click “listen Live” to hear the broadcast live. Yikes!!!!! (that’s me wigging out)

  • the show will be co-hosted with Lisa from 50 Shades Montage (@50ShadesMovieFS)

  • Follow the hashtag: #FsoGLive on twitter to see live tweets from me and other guests from the show.

                           Here are some of the highlights :
  • Laters Baby (@50LatersBaby) will be on to talk about their amazing blog from this past year.

  • Becca Battoe, the voice from the Fifty Shades audio books will be on to talk about her experience as Anastasia Steele. Oh my!

  • Allison (@allimar17) will be on to talk about the upcoming Fifty Shades Soiree (@50ShadesSoiree) which will take place in Seattle!

  • Haven’t purchased your limited edition Jennifer Trouton print from the Fifty Shades books yet? Find out how during the show!

  • Fifty Shades Film (@fiftyshadesfilm) will be on to talk about their experience this past year with facebook/twitter/ and all the amazing Fifty Shades fan.

  • @LatersBabyUK will also be sharing some fun with all of you fans! So make sure to tune in!
  • Oh, and some crazy, GREYsessed Asian with a blog and a zest for life, laughs, and all things Fifty Shades… yes, that would be ME!!!

I hope you will bring your silver balls and floggers and join Team Fifty for 3 hours of fun, friends, and kinky fuckery!!!

50 Shades of Erotica

Hello my GREYsessed readers! I hope you are all having a great week thus far!  In case you haven’t noticed, I have been changing things up a bit here with interviews and reviews of your favorite authors. Twitter has been a wonderful catalyst for hearing about new books and having communication with these amazing writers. I hope that you are liking this new element to the blog! It is a true blessing for me and I am grateful for these opportunities. I am so excited to share this next interview with all of you! This writer is fun, talented, and super sexy! But first, I’d like to share this week’s Fifty Shades news with you. It’s been an exciting past week with the director for the Fifty Shades movie being announced. Sam Taylor-Johnson, a British director has been selected for the coveted job and recently released a statement stating “I am excited to be charged with the evolution of Fifty Shades of Grey from page to screen…For the legions of fans, I want to say that I will honor the power of Erika’s book and the characters of Christian and Anastasia. They are under my skin too.” Point well said, Ms. Taylor-Johnson. And the rumor mill has been squashed that her husband, actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson will play the lead as Christian per his publicist.
50directorIn other Fifty Shades happenings, E L James has been cruising the streets of LA in you guessed it… an Audi R8! Several pictures were tweeted this weekend of Ms. James looking the part of Anastasia as she cruised with the top down. She and Dana Brunetti seemed to be having way too much fun, all while trying to keep her on the right side of the road!  BNfuCP5CUAAr1WN

Seriously, can she look any happier? Or cuter?


Team Fifty in the R8!


And speaking of our producer, Dana Brunetti, he had a celebrity-packed party at his home this weekend to celebrate his 40th birthday! Sugar Ray Leonard, Heather Graham, Peter Fonda, Moby, Jaime King were in attendance. But the real star of the party, besides the birthday boy of course, was E L James! Going by Dana’s tweets, it sounds like it was a party not to be missed. And speaking of missing, where was my invite? Hmm… I’ll forgive Dana as long as I am still in the running for the token Asian part in the movie! My belief is if I keep mentioning it, someone will take pity on me and say, “Someone put the egg roll in the movie so she stops blogging about it!” Just stick in the corner at the cafe where Christian and Ana have coffee. I will sit there and tweet while drinking a latte. All who know me can attest that I am a tweeter of Oscar-worthy epicness!!



Please see the two blogs prior to this one for all the details! It is surely a show not to be missed by any Fifty Shades fan! And remember, there is a surprise to be revealed that I don’t even know about-GAH!!



***And now ladies and gentlemen*** (yes, I have several gentlemen readers), I hope you enjoy this interview with one of my favorite people on Twitter- Robert India aka @eroticrobert ! Not familiar with Robert? If I had to describe him in three words they would be sexy, sassy, and salacious. If I was given a fourth it would be smart, but salacious works better! Robert is from Dublin, Ireland who writes stories about his many sexual adventurous. He says that sex “should be passionate, intense, sweaty, dirty and fun and a no-holds barred affair!” Sounds good to me!


His art for writing brings the reader into his world that includes gay, straight, and everything in between. All of your senses are tantalized, as he brings you along for the umm…ride. You’ll be laughing one minute, horny the next, then blushing at the erotic chemistry between he and houseguest. Don’t know who houseguest is? Well then I suggest you jump on Amazon and purchase his books- Svetlana in Heels is my personal favorite. Holy hot foot action!

In addition to the books, there is an entire buffet of Robert available! You can follow him on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and sign up for his blog through email! Yes, Robert delivered right to your mailbox free of shipping charges!

I loved learning more about this very gifted author and I hope you will too! Enjoy the interview with this funny, flirty, and my favorite rugby loving friend! 

p.s.- the kink is coming next blog… yes, I hear the boo’s! If you need it that bad-download Robert’s books;)  Love & Laters©, Michele

 Robert India… in his own words:
What got you interested in writing? Actually, it was a rather demented woman…she loves my sense of humor. So I though, screw it! The world needs to know Robert India!
What was the first piece of erotica you read?  Hmmm, I seem to remember reading some gay short stories as a teenager, they were full of hot sex. In the days before pornoweb. Do you remember that time? Now it’s all fake boobs, ugly men with huge cocks. Back then it was wherever your mind’s eye could take you. (and this is why I love you Robert… honesty with a splash of humor!)
Can you describe your relationship with HG in three words? (HG is short for Houseguest, Robert’s significant other and subject of a lot of his stories) intense, dangerous, enslaving
Is the persona in your blog and on Twitter how you truly are in real life? Yes, but with all the boring bits left out. Who wants to hear about me going to do my shopping? Well, unless I’m shopping for sexy stuff! You could say I’m a crazy guy, but you only live once and I intend to live.
What’s a normal day in the life of Robert India? Up at 6:30 am everyday, office by 8ish. Then a busy day flirting with my colleagues. I like to hit the gym after lunch. My evenings I spend thinking of ways to sexually torment Houseguest. She needs a lot of taming.
You write about all forms of sexual fantasies. Are a lot of these from personal experiences? No worries, I won’t ask for names of your victims, LOL;) I ‘m afraid so. I’m a bit of a sexual experience junkie, which has got me in a lot of trouble. But I can’t help it, I like to try new stuff and have fun! Most people have had crazy and funny sexual experiences. They make the best writing material. I once broke a rib falling off the bed. I had to blame it on a rugby injury!
You are quite the presence on Twitter. Is there something you can tell your fans (and stalkers LOL) something that they don’t know about you? (My blog is kinky so feel free to get down and dirty!) M, you are a temptress. Do people know I have a PA? I had it done when I was at university. It gives me the most intense orgasms and it gives women one hell of a good ride! *PA is a type of penis piercing. Yes, my first thought was ouch followed by ooh;)
Your books are sexy and seductive. Any scenario in them that you haven’t tried but would like to? Hmmmm, I may have done quite a few things. All I’m saying is be very careful with hotel ice! My mind is full of filthy fantasies. Though there are still plenty of things I have not done. I quite regularly fantasize about you! So, how about it? You, me, and a tub of ice cream. BTW, what shoe size are you?  Today’s regularly scheduled interview is temporarily put on hold while I go have a moment!
Okay we are back! So, how long have you and houseguest been together? Any chance of marriage? Two years, I’m already wearing a ring! (I am NOT going to ask to specify that one!)
Can you give us any insight on future projects for you? There is a bi love triangle novel that I am working on. It will see the light of day in the winter. It will be full of hot sex but I think it will also be quite eye-opening. The story explores themes around jealousy, sharing, sacrifices, and self-destructive sexual interests.
You are doing a book signing in the States this summer. Most of us are only familiar with “the body” that is Robert India. How do you feel about being totally exposed? Meaning your face! Totally, it will be a bit nerve-wracking. When you are “headless”, people fall in love with an idea. Will the reality fit with the idea they have of me? Maybe, maybe not. Either way, it will be a ride! I hope to see you there!  I would be honored to meet you and your head;)
What advice can you give aspiring writers like myself? Believe in yourself and do your thing, your way! Way too many are doing 50 Shades pastiches. They are all lost in the noise. You have to do your own thing. Express who you are and let people come to you.
It’s hard to be unique in a profession where there seems to be so much competition to be seen and read. You’ve done this with class and wit, yet you seem to have stayed true to you. In an era of ebooks, there is a little bit of everything out there. I agree, you have to be unique. Easier said than done…but I think you have to write what you enjoy and hope that other people are on your wavelength.
Is it hard to stay grounded? Very, I am totally up my hole. And as we know, its way more fun when other guys are up your hole.Point well made, Mr. India. (Yes, I am laughing right now.)
Okay, time for some fun and silly questions!
  • Favorite book? 1984
  • If you could meet one celebrity, who would it be? Christian Bale. Ride! (I love you even more Robert!)
  • Your go-to comfort food pizza
  • Hugs or kisses or….. Kisses in a particular place…
  • Biggest turn on Sexy feet on a sexy lady
  • Who cooks? You or HG? Together, in between kissing…
  • Biggest male crush  Batman aka Christian Bale! (we can share him!)
  • Biggest female crush (besides me)  Julia Roberts and you, with me and Houseguest in a foursome! I am now debating on publishing this or not;)
  • Any siblings? Four
  • Three things you’d take if stranded on an island  Dildo, solar-powered LW radio, riding crop
  • Where do you see yourself in five years?  On top of the world!
  • Tell us your most embarrassing sexual experience (come on..please!) I got too excited and misfired before the party had really begun. A certain lady was less than impressed! I blame her hotness!

Thank you Robert for letting us get to know you better! You are definitely in a class all by yourself and I mean that in the most sincere and kind way! You have always been a delight to follow on Twitter, and I am blessed to call you my friend! Continued success in all that you do! If I make it out to California, I think a face to face interview is in order! Love and kisses to you!! xoxo

Email: eroticaeverywhere@gmail.com

Blog: http://www.EroticaEverywhere.com


Twitter: @eroticrobert


@robertspanksass <<< gotta love you, Robert!

Happy Birthday Christian Grey!

                              ***WE HAVE A DIRECTOR! SQUEEEE!!!***
Yes, you read that right! E L James herself tweeted the huge news today! The chosen one is Sam Taylor-Johnson, a British director who is married to Aaron Taylor-Johnson. He played a young John Lennon in Ms. Taylor-Johnson’s directorial debut. With this exciting news just breaking this afternoon, the press is already speculating on who they will cast as Christian and Ana. But as I have said before, and will continue to do so, unless it comes from the Queen’s mouth herself, I am not believing it.
Michael DeLuca, one of the producers of the movie, was quoted by TheWrap.com as saying, “Sam’s unique ability to gracefully showcase complex relationships dealing with love, emotion, and sexual chemistry make her the ideal director to bring Christian and Anastasia’s relationship to life. E L James’ characters and vivid storytelling require a director who is willing to take risks and push the envelope where needed and Sam is a natural fit.”
Well said Mr. DeLuca. I know that I am ecstatic to finally hear of a step forward in the movie. Of course, not even five minutes after the announcement, the haters are in tweet heaven. All I can say for the real fans of the books and of Ms. James, keep your head high. This movie making is in a fish bowl. And with such notoriety, the movie cannot be everything to everybody. So out of love and respect for Ms. James, let’s keep the Fifty Shades love alive and just say Laters, baby to the haters.
                                           Will one of these leading men play Christian?


So here is “Happy Birthday Christian Grey” in its entirety! I just added the second part on at the end instead of doing a separate blog! Enjoy it and thank you everyone for your continued support and love. Love & Laters©, Michele


Hello GREYsessed readers! Today is a very special day! It’s Christian’s birthday! So to celebrate our favorite flogging stud muffin, I am doing a special birthday blog! I hope Ms. James is out celebrating her baby’s birthday today! Go check out her website at www.eljamesauthor.com and see the outtake blurb she posted in honor of Mr. Grey!


**Addition to the FsoG Live Show- I forgot to mention in yesterday’s blog that the lovely @LatersBabyUK will be part of our exciting show! I am not sure what surprise she has shared with Lori, so make sure you tune in! And in case you missed it, please read the entire blog I posted yesterday “FsoG Live.” It has all the frisky details of the upcoming show with Seattle Wave Radio! It is surely a show not to be missed. Listeners will hear some 50 Shades-related news not yet shared with anyone! Can you say, “Oh my!!!!” Mark your calendars for July 7th!  And now without further adieu, happy birthday Christian Grey. Love & Laters© Michele



The sun is actually shining across the Seattle skyline this morning. Perhaps that’s a sign. June 18th has come around again. And normally I am not one for celebrating my birthday. Of course now it’s all about family, especially Teddy. He turned one last month and I am still amazed that I am a father. It has been a definite adjustment and Anastasia has been so patient with both of her boys. I laugh out loud thinking back to some of my own “tantrums” during this past year. The fact that we are still married is a miracle…

He’s just being a baby,” Ana said with frustration. “I don’t know why he’s decided to just cry all night Christian.”


Fine. But this can’t be EVERY night can it?” I snapped back then rolled over to the other side of the bed. Yes, I am being a bigger baby than Teddy right now. But damn it, it’s been over a week since we’ve had sex. And in Christian years that equates to years.

Well, you have leaky boobs from nursing and a baby that is colicky,” she whispered back as she rocked the baby in her arms. “Not to mention I am so sleep-deprived, I put Teddy’s clean clothes in the kitchen cabinet…again.”

I told you that we can hire help,” I sharply whisper with my back to her. I am aware of my attitude at the moment, but my blue balls have gotten the best of me. Fuck, don’t be an ass. I turn to face Ana who is looking straight ahead with glazed over eyes. “I’m sorry. I am trying to adjust to these changes. It’s only been a couple of months and it’s all still so new. Forgive me?”

She kisses the forehead of Teddy, who has finally stopped crying and is sleeping for the moment. She turns to me with tired eyes. “I know Christian, I am trying too. But we are a team. Til death do us part, remember?” …..

My heart aches at the memory. I had been making it about me for weeks, forgetting the bigger picture. The look of disappointment on Anastasia’s face said it all. And from that moment on I decided that I needed to try to be a better man. A better father. A better husband. The buzzing of my phone gladly pulls me out of my pathetic stupor today. It’s an email from Ana, as if she knows I am standing her thinking of her.


From: Anastasia Grey

Subject: Birthday Boy

Date: June 18 2013 10:14

To: Christian Grey

Good morning birthday boy! I hope you are having a great day and by that I mean not staring out your window wondering where your youth has gone:) Besides, many surprises await your arrival!

Ana xx


From: Christian Grey

Subject: Birthday Suit

Date: June 18 2013 10:16

To: Anastasia Grey

GM to you beautiful. I will state for the record that I was not wondering about my youth;) Surprises, huh? Does it include my birthday suit? It is my favorite way to dress….

Christian Grey

CEO & lover of certain surprises, Grey Enterprises Holdings, Inc.


From: Anastasia Grey

Subject: A different kind of suit

Date: June 18 2013 10:19

To: Christian Grey

I am glad to see old age hasn’t effected your one track mind….I’ll return the Viagra for now;) Not telling you what the surprise is. But here’s a hint: 


Ana xx


Holy fuck. Is she trying to kill me at work? I take a good long stare at the picture. She may be the mother of my child, but damn she is still as sexy as ever. Trying to ignore the hard on down south, I email her back quickly.

From: Christian Grey

Subject: HARDly working now!

Date: June 18 2013 10:21

To: Anastasia Grey


Why oh why did you insist I go to work today? You should be blowing my candle instead;)

Christian Grey

CEO with an erect candle, Grey Enterprises Holdings, Inc.


From: Anastasia Grey

Subject: Good things cum to those who wait

Date: June 18 2013 10:25

To: Christian Grey

I insisted you go to work because I am working HARD on your birthday surprise. And you are lucky it’s your birthday MR. SHOUTY CAPITALS! Don’t get your damn knickers in a twist! Or I will deny you from dripping hot wax from your candle into ….never mind. Have a lovely rest of your day. I’ll leave you with one more hint.


You’re welcome. 

Ana xx


Oh no she didn’t!  Now she is torturing me with lingerie pictures. Mrs. Grey thinks she can be in charge of this birthday party but she’s got another thing coming. Well, there will be a lot of coming but she’s enjoying this way to much. My little flower has blossomed into a total wildflower. Make her squirm Grey. You love it and you know she does too.

From: Christian Grey

Subject: 30 Blows

Date: June 18 2013 10:29

To: Anastasia Grey

Deny me, huh? Have you forgotten that I am 30 today? Which means there will be 30 candles on my cake that needs to be blown…..out. Have a lovely rest of your day, Mrs. Grey. Oh, and here’s a picture for you as well.  You. Are. Welcome.


Christian Grey

CEO & candle extraordinaire, Grey Enterprises Holdings, Inc.


Damn it! I’ve got at least five hours of work left and Grace wants to take me to lunch today too. I have got to get my thoughts out of the Red Room and back into CEO mode. I can’t be sitting at lunch with my mother with thoughts of how good those stilettos will look over my shoulders.


The next few hours are dragging. My phone is being blown up with texts and messages to wish me a happy birthday and quite frankly I am over it. I just want to get home and sing happy birthday to my groin. I message my secretary to hold the rest of my calls and decide to just sit here for the last hour of work thinking of all the ways I am going to have Anastasia tonight. With the new house on the Sound, there is a plethora of possibilities. My phone buzzes and I see it’s a text from Ana.

***your mom is watching Teddy. Meet me at the Escala in an hour.***

The Escala? What is she up to? Oh you little vixen you. After having Teddy and moving into our dream home, we realized how much we missed the Escala. Not appropriate for the kind of upbringing we want Teddy to have, but it holds so many memories. And the Red Room.  We couldn’t bear to dismantle in order to sell the penthouse. And building one into the new house just seemed wrong with the birth of Teddy. But we are who we are and it just made sense to keep it as an escape. Although being new parents, we have used it only once. Until now. Fuck. I gather my things and decide to leave for the day. I’ll go to the house and shower and change before meeting Anastasia. My entire body is feeling on edge and I may explode if I sit here any longer.


Can this elevator be any fucking slower? I stand against the wall, waiting for the slow as shit elevator to arrive. I text Ana quickly as I fucking wait.

***Where are you?***

***In the Red Room. Spread eagle and waiting***


FUCK!!! I press my twitching hands to my temples and try to compose myself. What the fuck is with this elevator! Ding. Well, happy birthday to me and thank fuck for small miracles. Luckily the ride up is quick and I step out into the penthouse. I do miss this place. Keeping it was a great decision. Especially for nights like this.


I head down the hallway for the Red Room. I can see that the door is slightly ajar as I get closer to it. There’s a piece of white paper taped to the dark wood door. “Please sit in the chair after you enter. And no talking.” Hmmm… orders from the Mrs. Let the birthday games begin.


I push the door open and notice it is dark except for a dim light shining down in the right corner of the room. My eyes cannot believe what I am seeing. Sweet baby Jesus and the Three Wise Men too! I am pretty sure my mouth is on the floor but I can’t check because I seem to have lost mobility in my limbs at the moment. Because standing before me is a roughly six by six wooden platform and a fucking stripper pole in the center. It’s dimly lit by the recessed golden light that apparently installed at some point. Floor to ceiling mirrors complete the setting. I start to say, “When…” and I am quickly hushed by Ana.


Ana. Or so I think. Add the fucking camels to the scene with baby Jesus because I cannot handle the way she looks at this very moment. To say she looks fucking hot is putting it mildly. Her long mahogany hair looks full, wavy, and very pullable. Smoky eyes and fully glossed lips make my hard on even harder if that’s even possible. She’s wearing THAT lingerie, which I am pretty sure she purchased from La Perla, now that I recall her internet browsing the other night. I laugh to myself, thinking she must’ve been looking for nursing bras at the time. I am one lucky motherfucker right now. Her toned legs look amazing as I head down to those fuck me heels. Her red-painted toes peeking out from the front almost send me over the edge. I look back up and directly into those blue hypnotizing eyes. She glares at me with a look that is pure sex. Holy shit. There is no baby mama going on here.


Without losing her stare at me she raises her right arm and I see she’s got the remote to the stereo system in her hand. She presses play and Beyonce’s Naughty Girl comes over the speakers.

I’m feeling sexy/I wanna hear you say my name boy/if you can reach me/

You can feel my burning flame”

She points to the chair that is placed about a foot away from the stage. I sit immediately because I ready for the birthday festivities to begin. “Happy birthday Mr. Grey,” she says slow and seductive. “Sit back and enjoy the show.” Beyonce continues to belt out the suggestive lyrics.

Tonight I’ll be your naughty girl

I’m calling all my girls

I see you look me up and down

and I came to party”

She bends down to put the remote on the floor and it takes everything out of me to not reach over and smack that perfect ass she is purposely putting in my face. She stands and starts to walk towards the pole. As she does, she stumbles in the 4 inch heels. And there’s my Ana. Sexy yet sometimes has the grace of a bull in a china shop. She turns back to face me.

Wipe the smirk off your face, Mr. Grey. Or I will make you beg me to fuck you.” Oh shit. Adding Mary and Joseph to that sweet baby Jesus.

I don’t respond to that statement, because literally I can’t. My wife who was still a virgin a little less than two years ago just told me to wipe the smirk off my face or she’d make me beg. Not for nothing, but that stumble was smirk worthy. But I’ll keep that thought to myself. For now. Then as if I can’t be shocked any more tonight, I watch my wife mount the shiny silver pole. I am speechless as I watch her seductively wrap her flawless legs around the pole then stop to give me a come-hither stare. The comment I made to her a few years ago dances in my head. “You know, you’re topping from the bottom.” Oh shit.


The song ends and a new one begins. Wait a second…yes….it is. Justin Timberlake. I feel my candle melting and not because it’s too hot. Focus Grey. Spanking. Floggigng. Rope. More spanking. Eyes on the prize. I watch as she slowly slides down the pole, never losing eye contact. Both feet hit the floor and she pauses to bite her lip. Then she mouths along with the song. “Just tell me which way you like that.” Oh Houston, we may have lift off. I watch as she takes her left hand and slowly grabs the pole while giving me a flirtatious smiling.Then she follows with the other hand. My hard on is back in a very big way as she moves her hands up and down the pole in THAT way. Oh yeah baby. I have a pole for you right here. Seriously, my pole has been neglected. I hope she realizes the repercussions of this dance number. 

And just when I think I’ve seen enough, she suddenly mounts the pole and does a spin. A motherfucking spin. Holy Circque du soleil ! She spins one more time then let’s go of the pole. Please tell me it’s time to fuck. She steps down from the platform and makes her way towards me. Maybe it’s from the spinning or let’s be honest, its Ana we are talking about, but it takes me staring at her boobs to not smirk as she loses her balance for a split second. Boobs. Nipples. Sucking. I shift in the chair and nonchalantly adjust my pants. Hard on still intact.


She stands in front of me and I can feel her warm breath envelope mine. She turns slowly so that she is facing away from me. Her hips start swaying from side to side, in sync to the music which thankfully has now turned to “Closer” by Nine Inch Nails. She bends down and grabs her ankles, exposing her lace-clad ass right in my face. She lets go of her ankles and places her hands on her thighs. She squats down, just shy of touching my hard on. I watch her ass as she moves in slow deliberate circles then switching to an up and down motion. “I want to fuck you like an animal” screams over the speakers. No truer words have been said.


Oh fuck. We have contact. She sits on my lap and grinds against my hardness. I am not one to ever “lose it” too quickly, but shit, this is a slow and painful torture that may result in a quick race to the finish line. Son of a bitch Grey. Your man card has just been questioned. She turns her head towards me and whispers, “I’m all yours Mr. Grey. Do what you will with me birthday boy.” Man card? About to be laminated with no expiration date Mrs. Grey.


I grab her by the waist with one hand and pull her tightly into me. My other hand swiftly rips off her lace panties as a faint gasp escapes her. I don’t have the patience for formalities. I am fighting the urge to just throw her to the ground and fuck her senseless as it is. My fingers trail down her belly, touching ever so lightly. She jerks at my touch.


Be still Anastasia. Or you’ll be the one getting the birthday smacks.” She’s panting loudly now. I move my hand in between her legs and cup her wetness. “Oh, you are ready for me baby.” She’s practically dripping. I slip two fingers inside of her and she screams out. I hug her tightly as I thrust my fingers in and out of her hard. I use my thumb to massage her clit simultaneously, rubbing it hard. She grabs my thighs for stability and I can sense she is getting close to coming.

How shall I fuck you?” I whisper in her ear.

Oh…please,” she cries out. 

Please what?” I ask as I massage her clit harder. She throws her head back into my chest as she comes quickly against my fingers.

Oh god…oh god…”


I release my fingers and maneuver her body so that she is now spread across my lap face down. I am sure I take her by surprise after I slap her bottom hard. “Aargh,” she screams out. I bring my hand down again while grinding my leg against her clit.



Please what?” I ask as I smack her other cheek. Her hands grip my jeans as she moans out in pleasure.

Say it baby.”

Please fuck me Christian.”

Good girl,” I whisper as I pick her up gently and place her on all fours. I quickly remove my clothes and bend down behind her. I slap her bottom again then bring my hand around to her front. Without warning I plunge into her. She cries out as I thrust hard while massaging her clit.


Look up Anastasia. Into the mirror.” Our eyes meet as we watch our bodies move in unison. I grab her by the hips and fuck her as hard as I can.

Her eyes start to close as she moans loudly. 

Eyes open. Watch yourself come,” I command. I thrust hard as our bodies seem to be in unison with the music. 

Christian…” she murmurs as we both watch her orgasm in the mirror. A few strokes more and I come after her. 

Holy fuck,” I breathe out and its the best orgasm I have had in a long time. Happy birthday to me. I slow my rhythm down and collapse onto her sweaty back. I wrap my arms around her and pull her into me. Our bodies are glistening with sweat under the golden lights. I look up and our eyes meet again in the mirror.


I hope you enjoyed your birthday gift, dear husband.” She smiles and a little giggle escapes her. That sound will never get old. 

To say surprised would be an understatement. Where did you learn to move like that? Is that how you paid for college, Miss Bend it like Beckham?” 

She turns to face me. Her eye makeup is starting to smear from all the activity. Yet, she looks captivating and freshly fucked.


Well, I know we made a vow to never lie to each other, but I must be honest and tell you that I was taking pole dancing classes instead of Zhumba on Thursday nights,” she said with a guilty look on her face. 

And in that moment, I could not find her more alluring. My perfect match. My everything. 

Thank you Anastasia. But you know that I will have to punish you for lying?” 

She smiles that smile that tells me it’s game one. “What punishment did you have in mind, Mr. Grey?” 

I’m not sure yet. But I do know that I have plenty of time to think it over while I watch you blowing out my candle. Thirty if I do recall.” Her eyes widen and I can only imagine what she’s thinking. 

Thirty? Can these be spaced out over the next year? “ 

Actually, I forgot. It’s thirty-one. One for good luck, remember? I tell you what. We can forego the thirty if I can upgrade my gift.” Will Mrs. Grey take what’s behind curtain #1 or curtain #2?  

Upgrade? Well, you still are the birthday boy so bring it Mr. Grey.” 

Great. Grab your things.” 

We’re leaving the Escala?” she asks confused. 

Yes, what I have planned is going to take place elsewhere.”

You’re scaring me Christian.”

No need to be scared, unless you’re afraid of public sex.” 


Yes. You will want to yell that as I fuck you outdoors but the question is whether you can keep quiet or not.” 


to be continued;) xoxo

50 Shades of Grey Live!!!

Fifty Shades of Grey-1 Year Laters© Baby Live Show
Hello GREYsessed readers! I am happy to announce the official hash tag and information for the upcoming FsoG- 1 Year Laters Baby show with Seattle Wave Radio and the amazeballs Lori Ness! (@iguestinfo)
  • The show is Sunday July 7th

  • 10 am Pacific time/1 pm Eastern time

  • Please go to www.northwestprime.com click “listen Live” to hear the broadcast live. Yikes!!!!! (that’s me wigging out)

  • the show will be co-hosted with Lisa from 50 Shades Montage (@50ShadesMovieFS)

  • Follow the hashtag: #FsoGLive on twitter to see live tweets from me and other guests from the show.

                                 Here are some of the highlights :
  • Laters Baby (@50LatersBaby) will be on to talk about their amazing blog from this past year.




  • Becca Battoe, the voice from the Fifty Shades audio books will be on to talk about her experience as Anastasia Steele. Oh my!



  • Allison (@allimar17) will be on to talk about the upcoming Fifty Shades Soiree (@50ShadesSoiree) which will take place in Seattle!


  • Haven’t purchased your limited edition Jennifer Trouton print from the Fifty Shades books yet? Find out how during the show!


  • Fifty Shades Film (@fiftyshadesfilm) will be on to talk about their experience this past year with facebook/twitter/ and all the amazing Fifty Shades fan.



  • Oh, and some crazy, GREYsessed Asian with a blog and a zest for life, laughs, and all things Fifty Shades… yes, that would be ME!!!


I hope you will bring your silver balls and floggers and join Team Fifty for 3 hours of fun, friends, and kinky fuckery!!!